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The kids Fort

Well, Larry Denzil broke ground on the kids play fort friday evening.  He sunk in the posts for a busy day saturday.  I have all the step by step photos.  The kids were so excited.  They held the posts in the cement and Ruby was right there for the mixing.  Anyways, he finished the floors and put up the slide.  We just need to put up walls and a climbing wall.  Larry Denzil is going to use our rocks meant for a rock climbing wall that we have had for a number of years.  He hasn't

quite figured out how to put up the swingset.  I do not think the kids will care.  Underneath the fort will be a big sand pit.  I just hope this is complete in the next 2 weeks before the start of summer vacation. I kept myself busy finishing baby Ava's blanket and cleaning out our storage shed.  Both big tasks that I have put off.  We also had a birthday to celebrate this weekend.  Ethan turned 4.  He had a transformer party with chocolate cup cakes.  He got a transformer bumblebee and a pop up play te…

Larry's 1st Grade Production of Caps For Sale

Today was Larry's first grade production of the book Caps For Sale.  It was very entertaining and very brief.  It kept Ethan's & Ruby's attention the whole time.  Yay!  That is my kind of school play.This is a very busy time for me.  I had a parent teacher conference with Larry's teacher Mrs. Howie.  All good things.  He is at mid 2nd grade reading level and reads chapter books well.  His writing is at 2nd grade level and his math is at and above level depending on what you are looking at.  His teacher tells me he will have no problems next year.  I am THRILLED.  Now I know his strengths and I will be testing him on them this summer. Next week is Xander's Kindergarten graduation.  I cannot believe it has already come to that. Last I heard, he is right on track and above level in some areas as well.  Savannah had a conference last week and just finished her EOG.  She has made great progress this year.  I just wish I could keep her working all summer so she does n…

Father Son Campout 2008

Well, last weekend was a lot of fun for all. Larry Denzil and the boys went on their first ever father son campout. Larry's coworker came along with one of his boys as well and had a really good time. We had 3 dads from our branch show up. Larry Denzil came to the realization that he is a lot older than he used to be and can't sleep just anywhere. He came home sore all over. The boys came home exhausted. They stayed up late and woke up early and had a very full saturday. Apparently they went watersliding down a rock and went to a fish hatchery. Xander said it was really cold and little Larry says he almost drowned. Interesting. All things Larry Denzil failed to mention.
Savannah, Ruby and I went out to eat and watched Enchanted. Savannah is so in love with that movie. She told me she wished I was pretty like the princess. She also wished I could sing like her. Isn't that a wonderful mothers day present?
For mothers day, Larry Denzil did all the cooking. It was a wonderful tr…

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all the mommys a very Happy Mothers Day. Yesterday I was surprised with a bouquet of 2 dozen roses DELIVERED! Anyone who knows Larry Denzil, knows he does not send flowers. He has never sent me flowers. On a rare few occassions he has bought me flowers and delivered them himself. Most of that occurred during our dating years. Anyways, I wanted to share my beautiful bouquet from Proflowers.

As you all know, we have been working very hard in our yard. We have our garden up, with the exception of a few plants the kids have brought from school. Xander has brought home about 5 plants and for FHE we ate cantaloupe and the kids planted all those seeds which have sprouted. Anyways, when we moved here, our yard was bare with the exception of a lonely hibiscis tree. Over the last 2 years, we have planted fruit trees and made a flower bed in the front yard. Many of my plants in the front, were given to me by my mom, from her garden. I wanted to share my
Japanese Iris that has finall…

Happy Cinco De Mayo

We went to our first Tourist game of the season. It was a lot of fun. Brother Johns from church, got us free tickets. I took a bunch of pictures of the kids so I hope you enjoy. Xander fell in love with the cotton candy and continuously made beards. Ethan had his little heart set on catching a prize (it never happened). He did enjoy all the cheers and danced to all the songs. Savannah was too busy playing rock paper scissors to worry about the game. Little Larry was in discomfort. His kidneys have been bothering him for the last couple of days. Not bad enough for medicine though. And Ruby thought the world evolved around her happiness. She flirted with everyone
and would not sit still.

Enjoying the Spring

Well, I have been busy spring cleaning. I finally finished both the boys and girls rooms. What a task that was. When do they get old enough to clean it up themselves? I hauled away 2 large bags of clothes from the boys room and 2 smaller bags from the girls room. I donated all the items to free cycle. An awesome group on yahoo. I even have a small bag of baby toys going to my sister.
We got our stimulus package yesterday. Hopefully we can put it to good use. The boys need a bunk bed and Savannah needs a new mattress. Maybe later this summer we can afford to buy some furniture. Larry Denzil gets his new pay grade in July. Right now he has his eye on an apple desk top.
While cleaning the girls closet, I found some old outfits of Savannah's that I had saved. Krista, there are quite a few beautiful outfits that you had given Savannah. Unfortuantely Ruby did not get to wear them because I forgot I had them. I did find one of my favorites that Larry and I got at Pigeon Forge when Savannah…