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Swimming at the Pool

  Here is a picture of my 3 sharks.
We have had nothing but sunny skies here in Black Mountain.  Not a rain cloud in sight.  The kids have been enjoying every minute of it.  Here they are at the Black Mountain Pool.
 Here is a picture of Little Larry holding his breath under water.  This is the same boy that used to hate washing his hair out of fear that he would drown when I rinsed the soap out.

 Here is Ruby and Daddy playing one of their favorite games.  Jumping in.  I hope she never does this without Larry Denzil being there to catch her.

We also have membership at Cheshire gym which has a heated indoor pool.  The kids absolutely love it.   Nothing new is going in here.  We are getting ready for our trip to Ashland to see Benny and the Hurt clan.  Larry Denzil has started building his triple bunk.  I will make sure to take plenty of pictures once he starts to put it together.  Right now he is in the cutting and staining phase. I hope everyone else is enjoying the last few days of spring…

Boys Hair Cut

Alright, here are the before pictures of my dynamic duo.  Both long and thick.  Xander still has his trademark blonde that he so loves.  I suspect when it finally changes, we will have to bleach it for him.  The boy loves being blonde.

My Best Friends for Life.  You have to Love them.

Completed Fort

Alright People.  Larry Denzil was able to complete our fort.  He got all the walls up and a climbing wall for the kids.  They have had a blast on it.  Here are some pictures of his finished work.

We have had 90 degree weather here.  We do not have the humidity that they have in Kentucky or Georgia,  Thank Goodness.  Anyways, last week our air conditioner was on the fritz and I was suppose to feed the elders.  Lucky for us, it was thursday and Moe's was having kids night.  So we drove into Asheville and met the Elder's out by the Biltmore.  Our kids all got their face painted that night.  If you are wondering why Larry was crying, he had just gotten spanked for messing up Ethan's snake.  And he wonders why Ethan messed his up.  What goes around comes around.

Summer break has been good to us so far.  Savannah has been working on her school work and writing in her journal.  She started summer school today.  The boys have already been extremely mischievous.  Yay me.  I may not s…

Xander's Kindergarten graduation

Well, our family celebrated another milestone today.  Xander has graduated from kindergarten. Look out class of 2020.   Next school year I will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grader all in the same school.  Everyone there knows me really well because of Savannah and Larry.  I am always there.Xander had a beautiful kindergarten graduation.  Very cute.  These teachers work so hard at teaching the children as well as putting on a nice presentation for the parents.  Friday will be the first day of summer vacation.  I cannot wait!  With daylight savings, it is hard putting my kids to bed which means it is difficult waking them up.  Not to mention having to make breakfast and lunch for 3 kids before 7.  It is quite a task.  I am looking forward to a small break.  Of course they will all be home and in my hair.  We will see how this all works.

Now onto our fort.  Larry Denzil managed to get 2 walls and the slide up on saturday.  Some of you may be thinking that is it, but when you consider this is …