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Ruby Style

Here is my little 2 year old and her own since of style.  Much like her cousin Aevan I believe. Ruby came in and grabbed the boys socks along with her purple crocs.  Next thing I knew, she was out the door.
Check out her shaggy hair do too.   She won't let me pull it back.   I think she is going for the Christie Hynde of the Pretenders look.

Happy Birthday Ruby

Alright so we had a little girl turn 2 in our house this week.  Larry and I were feeling a little weepy about it all.  She is the last baby so we wanted to capture every moment.  It was a really rough week for her and the rest of the family.  Larry Denzil is finishing his close out at work.  Ethan had a sinus infection / ear infection, Xander has a bad sprain, and after 3 visits to the pediatrician, Ruby was finally diagnosed with an ear infection and the croup.  Ordinarily I would not take Ruby to the doctor so many times.  The 1st day she had a high fever but all tests were normal.  The 2nd day they wanted to check her over and see if any symptoms appeared.  Of course I am the luckiest mother in the world.  No symptoms appeared.  So I took her on a 3rd day because she had 3 days of no sleep and every time she burped, she grabbed her ear and cried in pain.  On to happy thoughts.  Ruby is finally much better and sleeping through the night.  Here is her last night being 1.
Here is the l…

Cub Scouting

Yes I am an avid blogger.  I just like sharing our lives with family and friends.  Last night was Larry and Xander's first night as cub scouts.  Xander is a little Tiger cub and Larry is a little wolf cub.  Having Larry Denzil as their father, you know they had to have full uniforms.
Here is a sad Xander.  He was upset because  he thought scouting involved playing.  He said  all they did was a lot of talking.

Check out Ethan's shirt.  When I went to the council  to buy the uniforms, Ethan was very vocal about wanting one too.  The lady there had a shirt laying out for me to look at.  For just $3.00, it was too cute to pass up. It says "Little Scout Buddy."

72 Hour Kit Madness

Wow!  What a chaotic Monday morning I have had.  Ruby woke up at 11:30Pm after just 2 hours of sleep with a fever.  We gave her some tylenol and went back to sleep.  At 2:30AM she was wide awake with a fever of 102.2.   She wasn't really fussy or anything.  She was just wide awake.  I gave her some more tylenol when it was time, and we headed to the doctors for sick clinic after the boys got off on the bus.  I took her and Ethan and Savannah.  Ethan has had a cough for about 2 weeks now and Savannah showed us a nasty rash on the back of her head.   Ruby's temperature spiked to 103.8 while at the doctors office.  The doctor did blood work and found Ruby's white blood count was high.  So they did a strep culture which came back negative.  They tried to do a urine culture but that is hard on an unpotty trained little person.  So we were sent home in hopes that some motrin would relieve the fever and another day might show more symptoms that the doctor can treat.  Ethan's …