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You Had a Birthday Shout Hooray

We had a milestone birthday in our house on December 30. Little Little Larry turned the big 10! No longer single digits. I could not believe that he is already 10?! Where did that time go? Anyways, he loves Harry Potter so I made him a wizards hat cake. Not the prettiest, but he sure did love it.

Ruby has her eyes on those candles. She loves blowing out candles.

I am pretty sure she helped him blow a few.
Ethan bringing in the gift.

We got little little Larry a opened back banjo. He sure was thrilled to death to receive it.

Strumming a little for the family.
Happy Birthday little man!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

For Christmas, we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from my parents. Look what happens when my mommy falls asleep.
She must have been dreaming of a white Christmas. It started snowing around 6AM and did not quit the entire day. I think we had over a foot of snow when it was time for bed.

Santa was very good to the Roberts' kids.

Little Larry watching his dad. Not sure what was being said, but it had him smiling.
Savannah loves her games.
Xander got his binoculars. He recently became interested in all things hiking and camping.
The kids checking out a gift.
Ethan was so excited to get a big boy set of scriptures.
Ethan had the best Christmas wish list ever... He asked for a compass, a nut cracker, a snow globe, scriptures, and a book. He got everything that he asked for. I love when they ask for the simplest of things.
Ruby loved posing for the camera. She wanted a picture of herself opening each and every gift.

This was the amount of snow by lunch time. Nice fluffy wet snow.
I wish I could zoom in. …

Happy 14th Anniversary

Was our 14th anniversary romantic and wonderful? Nope! Miss Ruby had to have oral surgery that morning. She had some bad cavities between the lower molars that could not be filled in the office.
So we got to have a special trip to the surgery center. Ruby was so excited at all the attention she was receiving.
She absolutely loved the gown.
The happy juice was not to great, but she drank it all and became aggressive. She can be a real meanie!
After more than 5 hours, Ruby & I were able to leave. They assured me she would sleep and not have an appetite. She might even have a great deal of pain and discomfort. So I stocked up on motrin, tylenol with codeine, jello, yogurt and pop sicles. Did she need any of it? Nope. She wanted a chicken nugget happy meal and then she ate a huge bowl of rice. And she was able to sleep through the night with no discomfort.
This is a picture of a sad Ruby who has just seen a picture of her new stainless steel teeth. She has asked repeatedly if we can go back a…

A Little Piece of Heaven

Is it sad that 2 restaurants helped me decide to move to Asheville? Fuddruckers and Krispy Kreme... If you ever had either one, you would understand.

JAM Session

So I finally had a bit of time to download Savannah and Larry's JAM concert. I am so behind with my home movies. I found Ethan's kindergarten graduation on the same cassette. Thankfully it has not been a full year yet.
Anyways, Savannah & Larry performed 3 songs with their group. Once I heard it all together, I could actually hear the song and felt good about the money we are spending on these lessons.
Stay tuned for more music from the Roberts' household. Xander just started taking guitar last month and Larry Denzil started learning banjo as well last week. Ethan has asked to take the drums... not sure about that?