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Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! I am so ready to say goodbye to summer. It has been such a scorcher here.  And the humidity, wow. We have had to get used to that after enjoying the humid free summers in Black Mountain.

Monday, we drove through the tiny town of Martin. If you blinked, you would miss it.  But Larry Denzil sure did not miss this bridge.  We had to stop and take a picture. His middle name in all its glory and spelled correctly to boot!

On our way home, we stopped at Dils Cemetery in Pikeville. This is about a mile from our house.

Randolph McCoy of the Hatfield and McCoy dispute is buried here.

My kids fell in love with this grave because of her name, Pocohontas.

Ethan being so sweet!  I love this little boy!

A view of downtown from the cemetery hill top. There to the left, on the opposite hill top is UPike.

This is the grave of Roseanna McCoy, the daughter who fell in love with Jonesy Hatfield and had his baby.

My kids always love a good photo op.

Back Tracking to Pioneer Days

In July, we celebrated Pioneer Days with the Ashland Ward at Roger Tackett's camp site.  Can I just say, he has quite a set up here.  My kids had so much fun.

This is why I had to share this post.  Little Larry sat by the river for hours and was the only person to catch anything.  And this was his absolute first try at fishing.  Can you see the joy in his smile?

Here is Ethan giving it a try. Next to Larry, he was my only other kid to be patient with fishing. All the others threw their line in and if it was not instantaneous, then they would walk away.

This is actually Larry's first catch. The other was his second catch which was by accident. His line had gotten tangled up in the rope.  While trying to untangle it, his bait was in the water and he caught a fish.  He and I both laughed and laughed. Wish they could all be that easy.

Ethan gave it a go all over the riverside.

I wish I could say he caught one, but he did not. He sure did have fun trying though.

Here is my big kid…

My Days

I have a new found freedom these days.   A freedom that I have not had in 13 years. You would think my days are filled with:

 rest and relaxation,

or a quilting project or two.

But no.  Nothing quite so wonderful or glamorous. My days are full of cleaning and organizing. Each day or week, I try to tackle a room and get it nice and organized.

This is Savannah's room after a day of back breaking moving, cleaning, throwing away,  and organizing.

But in the end, after a long day of cleaning, I miss my babies.  Where did the time go?