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All Grown Up

During the Christmas holiday, we took Savannah to the salon to get a decent hair cut.  I was thinking about a cute bob, but Mark, her stylist was thinking of a cute pixie. What do you think? This hair cut is stunning on Savannah.

Savannah's first temple trip of the year. She & Larry hung out with the Olive Hill crew. It was a wonderful opportunity for Savannah to get familiar with some other YW in our stake. She is the only YW here in Pikeville.

Out of order again, but this was Savannah's hair style before the drastic cut.

Ruby can't be left out!  She had a whole inch trimmed  from her hair.  This is the after shot.

Here is her before shot. Her goal is to have beautiful long hair just like Rapunzel.  Oh boy.

Both of my sweet girls, with a style all their own.

A Very Snowy Season

A start to the snowy season.  Happy Halloween people. Our first snowfall came October 30.

Ruby working hard shoveling the snow.

A snow day well spent making a snowman and a snow angel.

Our treacherous driveway / street.

The kids working hard to scrape it.

This is a separate occasion where the kids actually had school. I could not make it down the drive, but the kids had no problems.

Our most recent snowfall from this week.   Happy Spring everyone! I hope all of you are staying dry and warm.

Pinewood Derby 2013

So, funny story about the pinewood derby and Ethan. Last year was Ethan's first experience with the pinewood derby. The boys all went to AC Moore and picked out their car kits. Ethan was thrilled to death!  Larry & Xander actually had cars from the previous year so we just focused on Ethan. At the time, Larry Denzil just started working in Pikeville while the kids and I were still living in Black Mountain. I know absolutely nothing about pinewood derby cars. So Larry promised he would help Ethan put it together. On the morning of the derby, they are piecing this car together. And of course Larry has issues trying to get the axle just right... Needless to say, Ethan came in last on all his races. Leaving the race, he sadly told Larry, "this is all your fault dad." Larry Denzil never wanted to hear such painful words again.
On to this year.... Larry Denzil ordered two preweighted cars from . He also ordered various other items like an axle placem…

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Thank you Pinterest for introducing me to so many beautiful quilts. I found this particular pattern on a fellow quilters blog,

I am so in love with these colors in this particular pattern.

My finished quilt top for a special little girl, Ella.

I tested this shattered star out in my quilt, but it did not quite fit. I am definitely gonna save it for a later project.

The backing of the finished quilt. I have recently fallen in love with black backing. I think it really showcases all my hard work.

I may have to do this quilt on a much larger scale for me. It has really been my ray of sunshine throughout this long winter season.

Xander's Birthday

Kids sure do grow up fast!  January 17 was Xander's 11th birthday.

How do you go from the cuteness above to the handsome below?  Above is something Xander's kindergarten teacher, Mrs Hudson put together.   It shows him on the first day of kindergarten and then the last. Just in that year he grew a lot. But 5 years later, I never could have imagined I would be blessed with such a wonderful young man.

Xander recently earned his Arrow of Light in cubs and graduated from cub scout to boy scout. We are so proud of him.

He asked for one gift and one gift only.....

a crossbow. Here he is making sure he is strong enough to pull it back. Thank you Hunger Games and the weaponry you glorified.

Sorry for being out of order.  Here is Xander for the big reveal. It is kind of hard wrapping a crossbow.

Birthday pancakes.   Xander has always loved pancakes.

Xander's cake.  Pure sugar. Thankfully birthdays only come once a year!

Lincoln Gets Married

Such a glorious sight. On December 15, we had the pleasure to  witness Lincoln & Ashley's sealing.

Cousins!  We were so blessed that Uncle Steve came to  babysit.  And with him, he brought some cousins. My kids had a blast.  And the boys are still talking about Joey and Corbin.  "Mom when do we get to see them again?"

Savannah & Xander took the photos.  Not bad huh? The happy couple.  Congratulations you two.

The more than happy parents.

These last two photos are my favorite.  If you know Gator, then you understand.  He was happily in his own world blowing bubbles.  By some miracle, Savannah wrangled him long enough for a few photos.