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Why I Hate Teacher Workdays

You know something is wrong when the 4 year old is in a corner.
Yep, very wrong. Ruby threw a geo trax train at Savannah because Savannah would not leave her alone. If you have ever seen these trains, they are small and heavy.
And let us not forget the 1st teacher work day of the school year. This was when Larry was playfully chasing Ruby through the house after she had showered. So she was wet and slid head first into a dutch oven.
For some reason, the Roberts' kids do not do well with teacher work days. Especially work days where they are cooped up inside. I hope everyone else enjoys and peaceful and safe teacher workday.

Almost Done

I love quilting. If time permitted, I think I would spend a bulk of my day just playing around in my fabric stash and trying to come up with a quilt design. But having 5 kids, some days I am lucky if I can sit down and thumb through a magazine or a book. I do try and have a project around so I can work on it while I watch TV. I started hand piecing and quilting this way back in october.

This is the same quilt pattern I used more than 12 years ago for Savannah's quilt. Rather than pastels, I have chosen a patriotic theme.
Currently, I am working on the binding. I do think it has turned out beautifully.


Each night before we go to bed, we check on the kids and make sure everyone is alright. The other night, I went in to check on my boys and found this...
Yes, my little Ethan is asleep with his legs up. How weird is this?
Yes, he is in the floor. I can assure you the boys have a trundle bed but rarely use it.

Now look at big brother Larry who is known for some strange sleeping positions. He and Xander share this bed and each sleep at polar ends of the bed. Larry just took it to extreme I suppose.
Do you see the unused trundle down there? How cute is this? And I guess the hat is for extra warmth. I swear our house is not cold. How cute are my boys? Xander was in a normal position so I did not take any pictures of him. Wishing everyone a good nights rest.

Hot Cocoa Anyone?

Ruby and her daddy have the most wonderful tradition in the winter months. They make delicious hot chocolate together. Larry Denzil throws all the ingredients in a pot and Ruby carefully watches over it till it is ready.
Sorry the pictures are backwards. Here is Ruby enjoying her hard work. Notice the stains already on her shirt from taste testing.
Ethan is her best friend so of course she shares some with him.
Here she is hard at work.
She is such a ham for the camera.
I wish Ruby and daddy could start another tradition for the summer months.... home made ice cream. How good would that be?

Ruby the Bed Maker

The other day after dropping the older kids off at school, I came home and found my bed neatly made. I was shocked. I knew the older kids did not do it, and Ruby was the last one in it. So I asked her if she made my bed and she said "of course Mom, because I love you." My heart absolutely melted. If you knew the kind of chaotic mornings we have trying to get out the door on time, you would understand. These are pictures of her showing me how she makes her own bed.

Having Ruby home with me during the days is such a wonderful treat. I can't believe I will just have her for one more year before she heads off to kindergarten.