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99 Balloons

Annmarie sent me this site. Like her, I thought "Oh boy, 99Red Balloons." I soon realized it was something much different. What these parents did to celebrate their son's life each and every day he was alive really touched my heart. It brought back so much feelings of Larry's day in the hospital with tubes all over and no end in site. I remember bringing him home in March of 2001 at 3 months old and he weighed just over 7 pounds. Unlike them, we had a happy ending to our story. I hope you all take time to watch the video and be touched by such strength.

Happy Spring & Happy Easter everyone

Well, Spring is finally here. For us, the day before spring was absolutely beautiful. We had high 60's and sunny weather. Then spring comes around and it was a chilling 36 when the kids and I walked to the bus stop. It rained all day long and there was snow on the mountain tops. What freaky weather!
We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Our branch had an egg hunt with activities for the kids at our branch house. Our Branch building is located in a historic district of Asheviile and when they bought the land, it came with a house that they cannot tear down. So the house is used for miscellaneous activities and classes. The egg hunt was quite a success. They had 20+ kids there. The kids colored Easter bags and ate peeps and cup cakes and then hunted eggs. We had eggs all over the place. A couple of young women hid eggs both high and low. The low eggs were for the little children of course and the high eggs were for the bigger children. But the little children were finding all the high e…
What a busy week week we are having. Xander's glasses did not survive 1 month. Last friday evening, his teacher called to explain what had happened to his glasses. Xander never said a word. I had no clue they were broken. Appparently Xander had them on the end of his desk. A fellow student walked past and accidentally knocked them off the desk when another student came by and stepped on them. The lense is popped out, and the frame is all bent. I guess he didn't really need glasses anyways.

Spring is around the corner here. All the trees are in bloom. This morning when the kids and I walked up to the bus stop, it was 57 degrees. Too bad it is overcast.

Last night was spaghetti night in our family. I had to take this picture of Ethan. He loves spaghetti and ate every bit of it. I swear I did not fix this up.

Yesterday I had to pick Larry up from school early. He got sick and was throwing up. His teacher thought maybe a stomach virus was going around because aother little boy went h…

Black Mountain Easter Egg Hunt

Well, our small town had their annual Free Easter Egg Hunt. It was really nice. The kids were so excited. Little Larry had his "normal" stomach issue this morning but still wanted to take part in the festivities. He has had fewer of these issues since his surgery. It was a little chilly so here he is wearing his dad's jacket. Isn't he a good looking young man? He has lost 2 teeth this week.
Savannah and Ethan took part in a little face painting. I think Ethan had a white Bunny and Savannah opted for the pink bunny.

Unfortunatley Larry Denzil and I were separated during the egg hunt so I only have pictures of the big kids. Next saturday, I promise to take pictures of the little kids. I can say that Ruby loved her Easter Basket. She carried it around like another accessory. Before the egg hunt even began, she was picking up gravel. I do not know what it is with our kids and rocks.

Savannah won a prize in the egg hunt. I think she got coupons to a local Fun Depot, kind o…

The Many Faces of Isabella

It took a lot of work but I was able to capture the many faces of our little Ruby Isabella. I hope you all enjoy.

And I bet you guys did not know we have a house cat. This is Ruby taking a nap on the couch, in the sun. This is the warmest room in our house in the late afternoon hours. And Ruby was in absolute heaven.

My Little Sister's March of Dimes Donation page

Hey you guys. If you have not already done so, please go to my sister's site and donate to the March of Dimes. It is for a good cause. Her work is trying to raise $10,000. Larry Denzil and I called on the March of Dimes after the birth of little Larry. We witnessed first hand tiny little babies in greater need and I would really like to see her exceed her goal of $300. Please help out.


March 10, 2008

What a crazy weekend we had here in Black Mountain! First off, Friday we took a family portrait. Larry Denzil wanted one badly. I do not know about you others with kids, but each child had a crazy smile. It came to a point where Larry Denzil was telling Savannah and Larry not to smile.

We had some weekend company. Mamaw and her kids, along with Uncle Ben and Lincoln, came in for tax season. Larry Denzil is the master when it comes to doing taxes. We actually got our state tax refund back on friday so we were quite excited. Anyways, our weekend company had to stay an extra day because of inclement weather in their neck of the woods. Our tiny little 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house had 5 adults and 9 kids inside.

Savannah had her last girl scout cookie booth saturday. We got off to a very slow and cold start. The grocery store had us outside in the elements. Yes, it was snowing. A little old lady walked past us and told us we should not be outside. She went inside and complained to the manager.…

March 5, 2008

Wow what a day we had yesterday! I took Xander and Ethan to the dentist yesterday morning. They both went back together but at separate stations for their dental work. I was a bit worried about Ethan being alone. Having Ruby, I cannot go back with them. Anyways, about 30 to 40 minutes later, Ethan came out with little chipmunk cheeks. The dentist said he did great and he was a brave little soul. He had to have two small cavities filled. He said it hurt and went about his business. About 15 to 20 minutes after Ethan came out, Xander came out with 2 new silver teeth. He had not seen them but said his mouth hurt. Then he ran and played. These kids are so tough, you would not have known they had dental work done.

When we went to the school to tube Larry, he saw Xander's new teeth and said "that's so cool! I want some too." Wouldn't you know, cavities can be a cool thing in our family.

Yesterday afternoon's appointment was the one I was most worried about. Savannah …

February 2008

Thank goodness February is finally over. We have been so busy here. First off, Little Larry had his hernia repair on Feb 2. It went well. It was a little more involved than we had anticipated but he is all heeled now. He had to stay home for a week and could not run and play for 3 weeks. It was really hard keeping him still. Next came all our dental visits. All the kids but Ruby had their teeth cleaned. And all but little Larry had cavities. Savannah has to have 2 ruptured cavity filled teeth pulled. The first of which happens tomorrow March 4. Xander had some inbetween cavities filled a few weeks ago and goes back tomorrow for some caps. Ethan also goes tomorrow for 2 cavities. What fun for me. We have also been busy going to the doctor. Ethan and Ruby started the month with fevers and coughs. They did not have the flu, but something was making them feel bad. They did both have ear infections. Then they get better and Ruby gets bad again. No flu or strep but she is getting her eye te…