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Happy 8th Birthday Larry Denzil III

Back in December of 2000, I was temporarily separated from my entire family living in Baltimore, MD.  I was there waiting for the arrival of our 2nd child  and first son Larry Denzil Roberts III.  Because of his cloacal exstrophy which was diagnosed in utero at 17 weeks, I had to be near the top specialist at Johns Hopkins. Larry was not due till Jan 24, 2001, but my local OBGYN was not comfortable having me so far away from the specialist (8hours away).  He felt it was better to ship me away from my home and family during the holidays.  I told everyone, I felt like a teenager with an unwanted pregnancy who had to hide till the birth of her child.  It was a very sad and lonely time for me.
On Friday, December 29, 2000 I was alone at the  Children's House just a block away from the hospital. That evening I spoke to Larry on the phone.  It was a long weekend and Larry had a bad cold so he decided to stay home and get some rest.  He would come up the next weekend to see me. We did not feel it was neces…

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

While in GA for the Christmas holidays, we decided to take the kids to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.  It was a lot of fun and an excellent way to pass 3 hours by.  Xander was just beside himself with all the dinosaur replicas and skeletons.  And all the kids enjoyed all the hands on exhibits.
Ruby modeling one of her new outfits.
My children in front of a sea exhibit.
The 3 youngest standing in front of a dinosaur.

Little Little Larry with his hand in a dinosaur handprint.
Some of the replicas were a little too realistic for Ruby Isabella's heart.  Every time we  passed this gator, she would scream and demand to be carried.
Some blowing exhibit that Ruby and Denzil were having fun with.
A giant sloth with my two little sloths.

Above is Ethan with a Polar Bear replica and below is Ethan being weighed like a Polar Bear.  I think he and Xander had the most fun with all the exhibits.

A little Arctic trivia.
My favorite picture of my 3 boys. Behind them are 3 different bear skulls.
I had to get…