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Happy 11th Savannah Banana

On April 20, 1999 at 11:36 AM my Savannah Yuki was born.
Savannah has always been a very happy little girl.

Savannah meeting Granny Roberts for the first time while at Aunt Holly's reception. Savannah meeting Papaw Barker.

She was born with this thick, dark hair. I thought this was normal till our other babies were born. Anyways, I was always playing with her hair & styling it in wild and crazy ways.

Savannah with all of her cousins at the time. Now you need to add 17 to this picture with 3 on the way. I think. I may have lost count.

Look at me! Savannah wasn't afraid of anything. The faster & scarier something was, the more thrilled she became.
Hey Uncle Ben, Can you still hold her up like this?

At the ripe old age of 20 months, Savannah became a big sister quite fast.

And for a while, Savannah got to enjoy being the only girl.

A Crafting Addict

Being in the de-clutter / spring cleaning mode, last month, I decided to go through my yarns & fabrics & use them up before I allow myself to buy more.
This blanket took just 6 days to crochet. It comes from the pattern Lacy Treasure. I was able to use up about 3 skeins of yarn. I use the Bernat Baby Sport yarn along with the peach fuzz carrier yarn. The carrier yarn gives it that extra soft & fuzzy feel. I bought them for next to nothing about 2 summers ago at Hobby Lobby.

This is the Dainty Keepsake pattern. It took a little longer to complete. It had a lot more double crochets than I was aware of. Next time I need to look at the pattern more closely. But I was able to use up another 2 and a half skeins of yarn. I think I have 50 or more skeins to go. Yikes! Any suggestions?

Now onto the strange. Last week, I found this unique project on Etsy's how to tuesday. You gather 20 or more grocery sacks, cut into 1 inch pieces, make your plarn & crochet. Very strange I know, but I had to…

The Battle of Bull Run

Fort Manassas in VA. This is where the Battle of Bull Run took place.

This is a very beautiful historic site. If we did not have the national parks pass port book, I do not think we would have stopped. The house is known as the Henry House. It belonged to a bedridden widow who refused to leave when the battle started. She was killed in her bed by artillery meant for the sharp shooters shooting from her windows.
This is Henry Hill Monument. Union Soldiers built it to commemorate those who died in the First Bull Run.

A statue of Stone Wall Jackson.

National Zoo

On our last full day in DC, we visited the National Zoo. Sorry for the butt shot. Did not realize that till Ruby just told me. The kids enjoyed watching the orangutan walk the lines overhead.
And this elephant literally just walked back & forth along the fence with this barrel. He had so many onlookers mesmerized. I guess he was just scratching an itch.

Don't look too happy to be there.
Xander with a naked mole.
Ethan was asked to play an ape in this demonstration. She was just showing us how they study the ape's way of thinking with cups & hidden candy.

My little animals.