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Another Blanket Completed

This week, I was able to complete yet another blanket. This one just took 6 days.  I was so proud of myself.  It is called lacy treasures. The pictures don't do it justice.  It was a baby green and blue that I made for a little boy coming to our branch next month.
It is so exciting and wonderful to see all these cute little babies. I can honestly say,  I am so glad to be done myself.

A Day Outside

This week, we were blessed with window opening gorgeous spring weather.  I took advantage of this by sprucing up the front flower beds and potting some herbs. Our icky landscaping before. My adorable little helpers with their  very own gardening gloves. Ethan was such a huge help. He went and got his wheel barrow to haul away all the weeds. When I needed my scoop, he came with his sand shovel. I thought it was adorable.
The finished product.  I don't particularly like colored mulch, but that was all the store had. I think it spruces up the flower bed. I also added solar lamps just to add some curb appeal.
Check out all our veggies just waiting  for the garden to be tilled. I love the spring time.

10 Wonderful Years

On April 20, 1999, a beautiful little girl joined our family. She was born on a tuesday at 11:36 AM. Weighing 7 pounds 14 1/2 ounces and being 21 inches long. I can remember the midwife showing her to me before the nursery took her to suck out her lungs.  There was a little meconium scare, but all was well. I also remember that in all the craziness of everything, for 10 minutes or longer, Larry did not even know what we had. He did not hear them say girl and asked the midwife. She just giggled at his first time father silliness.
Look at my girl and all that hair. Her hair was so thick and long, you could put it in pony tails the day she was born.
Happy New Year.   I took this picture at the stroke of midnight  on January 1, 2000. We were staying in a cabin with our dear  friends the Dietrich's. This was the last bit of any normalcy in our lives. It was that morning, that Savannah had her first seizure.
Here we are at the Children's House in Baltimore, MD. This is where I lived for what seemed like …

A Party for a Princess

On friday, we had a party for Savannah. She was thrilled to death to have a Hannah Montana celebration.

Nothing like having the Dietrich's over for an instant party with our kids.
Ethan helping Anna. Ruby dancing.  check out her green feet. Larry had just finished mowing the grass,  and Ruby was rolling all in it.

Savannah getting her birthday spankings.

Ruby was eating her cake in such a manner,  that quite a bit ended up her nose.
Tony & Vickie.

So much better than pin the tail on the Donkey.   We had a small pinata filled with goodies for the kids to take out some aggression. Larry had too much fun spinning them around before they could attack.