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Happy Birthday Savannah Dear

With Larry out of town this week, and wednesday nights being extremely busy for the kids, Savannah's birthday won't be celebrated till the weekend. But that does not stop me from getting pictures of my girl on her actual birthday. She has endured many trials in her young life, but that has not stopped her from growing into a beautiful young lady. Savannah Yuki, I am so blessed to be able to call you my daughter. Happy Birthday.

I Love to See the Temple

On April 14th, we took the kids to Atlanta, to see the Temple where Larry & I were married. It was such a wonderful treat to be able to walk through the Temple before its rededication.

What a difference nearly 15 years of marriage can make.

What Can You Do With A Blue Marker?

Apparently Ruby can color her lips perfectly with a blue marker. This is why I love color wonder! Thankfully it was not a sharpie and it came off quite easily.


Last weekend, Ethan lost a tooth. He was eating a chocolate bar and before he knew it, his tooth was literally hanging in his mouth. Ethan is a skiddish kid and usually leaves loose teeth in till they fall out on their own. Larry Denzil told him that if he pulled it out at Grandma's house, the tooth fairy would award him with $2. Ethan walked off and a minute later, came back with his tooth in hand.
Not so bad huh? Well, sunday morning, as we are eating breakfast, Larry Denzil puts a tooth in my hand and tells me to do something with this. Ethan was sitting next to me and I exclaimed gross. Ethan saw the tooth, put 2 & 2 together and figured out what was going on. He was a very good sport about it all. After all, he did just get $2.

Happy Birthday to a Fabulous Husband

Thursday was Larry's & my dad's birthday. What fun it was for the kids when they realized it was my dad's and their dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday to my very best friend in the world.

Easter Buckets

5 years of blogging and you would think, I know how to upload my pictures. Sorry guys, but this post is backwards. Here is Ruby with her cousin Cole enjoying their Easter buckets.
My little Ruby, funny face and all.
Xander, extremely happy with his load.
My little Ethan.
Little, Little Larry, the best big brother a sister could ask for.
Beautiful Savannah. Not nearly grown up to not enjoy an Easter bucket.
Cousin Cole, unsure of a very loud Priest house.

Loving the vinyl.
My $.77 find at AC Moore.
Great use out of my Cricut and Gypsy for this wonderful and fun project.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Building Models

Another great way of entertaining kids during spring break and on a budget is head to AC Moore. They have these great little kits for kids to build for just a $. The kids chose from a car, a tank, a boat, a bird feeder and a bird house.
Ethan is quietly working on his boat, Larry is working on his bird house.

Here are some almost completed projects. We did not get a chance to paint. That mess will be saved for another day. Another scout requirement completed.

WNC Nature Center Day 1 of Spring Break

What do you do with 5 kids, during spring break, on a budget? You go to the local Nature Center and work on scout badges. Fun! This year, I learned that the Nature Center has a wild child - Ed Venture pack sponsored by REI. Totally free program and they earn an awesome little badge while learning different aspects of nature. Perfect for my little cub scouts.
We had to hike on a little half mile trail just off the Nature Center grounds. This would not have been so bad, but of course half way down the trail a couple of kiddos had to potty. So we had to trek back to the beginning of the Nature Center to where the restrooms are located. Quite a trek on the hottest day of the week. lol
In our back packs, there were a set of tools to complete the small work book. After completing the activities, a patch is earned. Not to mention all the things my kids got to learn. Above, Savannah and Xander are getting the temperature of the Swannanoa River. We also had to get the air temp and ground temp.
Ruby is hamming it …