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Trick or Trunk 2009

Short and Sweet
Ruby was the only child who would stay with me so I have lots of pictures of my little girl.

Such a princess primping that hair.

She loved the pumpkins. Check out Cinderella back there.
My kiddos. I have to thank Sister Jennifer Jenkins for loaning out such fabulous costumes. My kids were thrilled to death. October has been such a stressful and chaotic month, it really helped not having to worry about costumes. Thank you Jennifer.
Ruby admiring Cinderella.
The Skroski family's homage to BYU. Not a big fan, but did think this pumpkin was unique.
Our Tigger. Thanks to free pumpkin templates online and the nifty pumpkin carving tools available nowadays, anyone can be an artist.
Ruby immediately after we got home. She threw down her candy and crashed on my couch.
Happy Halloween everyone.

Random October Pics

October has not been the most fun of months for our family, but I thought I would blog a little anyways.
Look at all my triangles.
Here is what they can create when sewn together.
Ta-dah. After just under 2 weeks, I have a completed quilt top. It has been completely hand pieced. I love quilting. Takes my mind off things and really makes me feel productive. I have a few other knitted projects that I will share later.
Mountains of Tennessee on our way back from Kentucky. This time of the year brings out some of the most gorgeous colors in nature.
The mountains outside our kitchen window. So full of color and beauty.
My Larrys.
So, Little Larry wanted me to take a picture of his back so he could see what was going on. This is the catheter in his kidney to allow it to drain. His ureter has too much scar tissue to function properly so his surgeon is going to reroute things in the next month or two. It will be a 5+ hour surgery with a 5 day recovery stay in the ho…

Little Larry's Trip to DC With His Dad

Many of you know little Larry had to have rather emergent surgery a few weeks ago. Nearly 1 month ago, the school called me telling me Larry was in tears and doubled over in pain in the office. I shrugged it off as spasms but took him home anyways. Then, that weekend I noticed Larry's behavior was off. He was sitting alone and not playing or running around. When I asked him why, he complained of his backside hurting. So that monday, I pulled him out of school and took him to the pediatrician. Even though Dr. Hamel did not have Larry or Savannah from birth, she has always treated them as high priority knowing their medical backgrounds. She got him into the ultrasound and imaging place where they scanned his kidneys and bladder. I knew something was wrong when it took an hour to scan and the tech made Larry pee even though he had already used the restroom at the pediatricians less than an hour before. So after the scan was done, the pediatrician called me at the imaging office and gave me the gr…

Some Randomness That is Our Lives

Iphones have totally ruined Larry and I. I am finding that I snap pictures of everything. And honestly, Ruby has learned that the phone has a camera and will yell at me "Take a picture of me!" Till I snap a shot of her.
Here she is goofing off while eating goldfish.
Almost out after a long day of running around. My boys wearing new clothes from Grandma.
These are my favorite pictures, children sleeping.
Ruby will choose some of the strangest positions!
Yes, she wanted a picture of this. This is how Xander can walk out of a store with nearly $2.00 in change in his pockets. It is so embarrassing, but he is down before I know what is happening.
Laundry baskets truly make the best gift for a toddler. That is next to balloons, boxes, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. Another cute sleeping pose. The humor in this one is that my little Bella positions her arms behind her head exactly how big brother Larry does his.

After a long day at school. This year, there is a lot of running around for the mini van…

Happy Birthday Bella Boo

I am so behind on blogging thanks to the kids and all the craziness that they are. Nearly a month ago, my little girl celebrated her 3rd birthday.
Here she is celebrating Sister Jenkin's birthday at the branch. My kids had such a blast. Sister Jenkins had little tiaras for the girls and crowns for the boys. Not to mention all the games and of course that pinata that just would not bust open. Here is an early celebration shared with Grandma Priest.
My happy little girl. Dancing with her Dora balloon. Wearing her Dora pjs on her birthday. My poor little girl was sick that morning, but still wanted to celebrate.
Ruby and I celebrated a little early. She is a member of the Cold Stone birthday club. She chose pink lemonade sorbet which was quite yummy. She was going on color, otherwise I am sure she would have chosen chocolate!
And of course her birthday meal is going to be McDonald's. I can't wait till their taste buds salivate for something more yummy like Seafood or Italian.

Sorry for the unorga…

Happy Labor Day

On Labor Day, we had a surprise visit from my parents. Because it was fairly nice out, we decided to take them to Stepp's Apple Orchard. My kids can easily down a bushel of apples and my mom wanted to take back some fresh yummy NC souvenirs for her friends in Georgia. The things these two will do for the camera.

My mom is such a goof ball. Here she is with her beloved Okie.

This is a fun little video of Ruby blowing the dirt off each apple. That is until she thought she was racing big brother Larry to put them in the box.