Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Randomness That is Our Lives

Iphones have totally ruined Larry and I.
I am finding that I snap pictures of everything.
And honestly, Ruby has learned that the phone has a camera
and will yell at me "Take a picture of me!" Till I
snap a shot of her.

Here she is goofing off while eating goldfish.

Almost out after a long day of running around.
My boys wearing new clothes from Grandma.

These are my favorite pictures, children sleeping.

Ruby will choose some of the strangest positions!

Yes, she wanted a picture of this.
This is how Xander can walk out of a store
with nearly $2.00 in change in his pockets.
It is so embarrassing, but he is down before
I know what is happening.

Laundry baskets truly make the best gift for a toddler.
That is next to balloons, boxes, wrapping paper, and
bubble wrap.
Another cute sleeping pose. The humor in this
one is that my little Bella positions her arms behind
her head exactly how big brother Larry does his.

After a long day at school.
This year, there is a lot of running around for the
mini van mom. Ugh! I leave at 2:30 to spend 30
minutes in the car rider line. If it is monday, then we are
immediately off to piano followed by an hour at Sylvan and depending on what monday,
we may have girl scouts.
If it is tuesday, then we sit in the car till Savannah comes
out of choir followed by Sylvan. On wednesday we come home
for an hour before heading out to Sylvan followed by Activity
Days & cub scouts. Thursday is simply Sylvan and then friday
I get a break. Ahhhh!

Ruby, her babies, and her blanket.
What more could you ask for?

Maybe some manicured piggies.


Lynette News said...

Man, I want Iphone sooo bad but I have to wait til next year.

Melissa said...

We have Iphones too... it NEVER leaves my side.. my kids do the SAME thing..take a picture mom..or they beg to play games..haha