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4 Years & Counting

On February 17 2006, we officially moved into our current home. This has been the longest Larry & I have lived anywhere as a family. A lot of memories and milestones have happened in this beautiful place. I want to share just a few of them.
Here we are making a house a home. Our house literally had 0 landscaping so that was the first thing we did. We bought a few bushes from Lowes & of course raided grandma's yard for any plants that she might have to share. Look at how young they all are. Wow time sure does fly by.
By far the most important occurrence in this home, the birth of a new baby. Ruby Isabella was born September 26, 2006.
Just another picture of her on Columbus Day.

We've had the loss of a first tooth in this home.
Xander actually forced his tooth out just to keep up with Savannah and Larry.
We've had the first day of school milestone for my 3 boys here.
We've had a baby blessing here. My other 4 kids were all blessed in KY. Ruby is a very special little girl.

We've ha…

Ethan Found His Look a Like

Yesterday while at Target, look what Ethan found: In the sporting goods department, they have sleeping bags and all the kids noticed this one particular box. Ethan was thrilled to death and for a brief moment was trying to figure out when he might have posed for this picture. This morning he was asking me where this little boy lived and if it was possible that he was Ethan's twin?

Abbra Cadabbra

Ruby & Savannah both have such beautiful hair. And to be quite honest, I hate cutting beautiful long hair. But Ruby's hair is quite thin and she had some split ends from not being trimmed regularly. I had been trying to cut it for some time, but Ruby is very opinionated. She loves her hair and loves to throw it over her shoulders or twirl it. But this week, I was finally able to talk her into a new look.
Let her know what you think.

Coloring in the Lines & Customer Service Please

This week has been such an interesting week for me. The kids had a gorgeous snow day monday followed by two 2 hour delays. This winter has really been quite a sight. We've had around 8 snow days or more. Three of our spring break days are gone along with Memorial day & 1 saturday in March.
On wednesday, Ruby was feeling under the weather and had been so for 2 days so I reluctantly took her to the pediatricians. Beforehand, we decided to hit Walmart because it was on my way and I really wanted to get some clearanced Valentine cards for next year. When you have 4 school aged kids requiring 20+ cards a piece, you tend to think of these things.
Of course when you are at walmart, you tend to purchase more than what you originally thought of. All things that you need of course. Ruby and I get in a line and wait nearly 10 minutes till it is finally our turn. When I get to the cashier, I notice her look of disgust and look around and realize I am in a 20 items or less lane. Not a bright move on my p…

Some finished, near finished, and just started projects

This weekend I had the opportunity to pick up an old project and begin working again. This is Ruby's quilt. I have done a a star quilt for the 3 older kids and want to keep that tradition going. Yes, I said 3 older kids. I have not done a quilt for Ethan yet.
I like to hand piece and quilt everything. Originally I did this because I did not know how to use a machine. Now I know how to use one, but don't want one of my kids to ask me why I did not take the time to hand piece their quilt as well. It is really neat because they can see how mommy or even Mamaw stitched. Savannah is blessed enough to have a star on her quilt that Mamaw quilted to show me how it is done.
Here are the 3 stars I completed saturday and sunday. Yes, I only completed 3. I had to cut some fabric pieces as well, so it took me longer.
My first Sun Bonnet Sue. When I was pregnant with Savannah years ago, my mother in law took me visiting teaching with her. We visited a dear elderly woman, Sister Glancy who had a love for quilting…