Monday, February 1, 2010

Some finished, near finished, and just started projects

This weekend I had the opportunity to pick up
an old project and begin working again.
This is Ruby's quilt.
I have done a a star quilt for the 3 older kids
and want to keep that tradition going.
Yes, I said 3 older kids. I have not
done a quilt for Ethan yet.

I like to hand piece and quilt everything.
Originally I did this because I did
not know how to use a machine.
Now I know how to use one, but
don't want one of my kids to ask me
why I did not take the time to hand piece
their quilt as well.
It is really neat because they can see how
mommy or even Mamaw stitched.
Savannah is blessed enough to have
a star on her quilt that Mamaw quilted to show me
how it is done.

Here are the 3 stars I completed saturday and sunday.
Yes, I only completed 3. I had to cut some fabric pieces
as well, so it took me longer.

My first Sun Bonnet Sue.
When I was pregnant with Savannah years ago,
my mother in law took me visiting teaching with her.
We visited a dear elderly woman, Sister Glancy who had
a love for quilting. At the time, she was working on a twin sized
sun bonnet sue quilt. It was absolutely GORGEOUS.
She had all sorts of little things embroidered
on it. Little butterflies, birds, baskets, flowers,
umbrellas.... Obviously mine is not quite
so decorated. I did buy a book
on how to embroider and
embroidered Ruby's name on each sue block.
I may get some courage and try to add more to each sue.

Do you see the Ruby all spelled out.
I am so in love with that name and even more
in love with that little girl.

The three spell out Isa Bel la.

Onto my finished and almost finished. I completed
another gator scarf and am almost finished with the
dragon scarf.
I like the scales on the dragon,
but I will say the gator turned out so
much better.


Remodelaholic said...

Marsha! WOW! I absolutely cannot quilt! It is so hard to get it all to lay flat! Way to go!

p.s. (come by and leave one more comment on the post, technically you gat to enter twice, since you have the button up on your blog! Good luck)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful handiwork! It's fun to see what you create. I especially liked the reptile scarves!


Genny said...

I don't know how to sew... I always admire people who can sew and quilt like you do. What wonderful projects you're working on!

Stopping by from MBC to follow. Hope to see you at my blog too!


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I love the Sun Bonnet Sue!