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Taking a Hike

Yesterday, I took four of the kids on a little trail behind the
primary school while we were waiting on Larry to return from
a field trip.
It has been 2 weeks since I clumsily got tangled in a suit hanger
and sprained my ankle. So I thought I would try walking
on a small scale.

It was a beautiful little trail (.48 miles) that followed
this little creek. This was the same creek
Ethan's class celebrated Columbus Day in with
a regatta.
My boys couldn't help but throw sticks in and race it down the creek.

My beautiful girls. I love moments like this.
Yes, Savannah is wearing PJs. Her class had pajama
day yesterday.

This was a panoramic app I was playing with.
I am still learning.

1, 2, 3, BLASTOFF!

Every year, the 3rd grade builds rockets and shoots them off.
Xander was just sooooo excited about his rocket, Ruby & I had
to go and watch.
Little did I know it was a long and dangerous affair.

Patiently waiting in line after an hour of watching others.

Disregard the mohawk.
Xander is in a phase and loves gelling up his
hair in different ways.

They set the rockets up in pairs.

Then they show the kids how to blast off.
Many of the other classes came out to the field
to watch during class.

1, 2, 3, Blast Off.... Was the chant heard repeatedly all morning.
It was a wonderful experience watching these kids learn
physics at its best and get excited about it.

This is Xander's rocket having lift off. His made it about 10 feet up
before it fell. A few shot straight up and spit out their little
parachutes on their way back down. Many others
shot sideways, backwards, towards the guys shooting them.
Ruby & I stood behind home plate with the sky high fence.
Wouldn't you know it, a rocket just mi…