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Our Trip to the Temple

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the  Columbia SC Temple.  Our Primary presidency had made arrangements for the kids to tour the Temple grounds and learn more about the Temple.  My kids loved it.
Here is most of our primary posing.  Notice Ethan and his hat.  I shaved his head that morning and he was not used to being so hairless.
My 2 monkeys.  Anna Gail is behind Larry joining in on the fun.
Here is Ruby not wanting to be in the group picture. We had 3 nursery kids there, but not one of them was in the group picture.  Such a shame too because they are all adorable.

My kids doing one of the eternity circle activities.
Another group shot of the primary. I am not sure what Larry is doing?
Look at Ethan's haircut.  Now his Papaw
won't bug him next week. Another empty space  where Ruby should be.
There she is always doing things on her own terms.
My beautiful girls.
My 3 little monkeys.
Our Happy Family.

Growth Spurt Anyone?

So one morning last week, Larry went to grab some jeans.
Look what he found to his amazement, high waters. I thought he grabbed Ethan's denims by mistake, but no, he did not.  These were a size 6.

Scary Moment

Last night we had a bit of a scare in our house.  I was making dinner for the missionaries.  No my dinner was not scary!  I was making a pre-holiday meal, ham and the whole nine yards.  I had purchased fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce.  Larry and I do not like cranberries but all of my kids do.  Ruby was anxiously waiting to eat and was dancing around in our small busy kitchen trying to help me.  To scoot her along, I gave her a fresh cranberry to nibble on. Less than 5 minutes later she began crying.  Larry had just gotten home so I thought she just wanted him to pick her up.  He did and she kept crying and holding her mouth.  He thought maybe she was teething, but those pesky 2 year molars came early.  I was stressed making the meal, I did not have time for tears.  But Larry would not stop crying about Ruby.  Just kidding. He was freaking out and her crying was uncontrollable so I checked on her.  Her lower lip had completely swollen up.  This was our first experience with …

Merry Christmas

Last night we ventured out and had the kids Christmas pictures taken.  Seems early, but next week Larry will be in Baltimore and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here.  So I used the kids day off from school to torture them with family photos.

Thankfully this was the first of many pictures our photographer took. Ruby was actually real cooperative until that flash went off.
Here is Ruby leaving the scene.  She just would not sit for pictures after that flash scared her in the first few.
What did I tell you?  No Ruby in sight. Can you see the blank spot where she should be.

Here are some fun shots of the boys. Xander has grown quite a bit taller than Larry so he had to be on the bottom for everything. Poor Larry in the photo below.  He was beet red because Ethan jumped right on top of him. That is why we settled on a different tone.

My girls were trying to do the same pose. Ruby actually loved this, but she would not let Savannah look up.  She was such an evil child last night.
Once we got rid o…

Our Beautiful Fall Afternoon

This is a little spot in Black Mountain we found last winter. It is hard to believe that we live around such beauty. Here is the gang enjoying a wonderful fall afternoon.  It is hard to believe that it is already November.
Here is Xander wanting to find fish. No such luck.
Here is Ethan debating on jumping off to make a splash.
Here is Ruby doing her Hannah Montana moves.
Ruby was so entertained by all the rustling leaves and the babbling brook.  We are so blessed to  live in such beautiful country.
Here is my Savannah having a good time.

Larry and Xander the true dynamic duo.
My 3 boys.  Never thought I would be so blessed.
Here is Larry contemplating his surroundings. He has always been such a thought provoking child.
Xander wanting the last pose.
My 2 boys.  If these 2 are quiet, you're in trouble!
Ethan will be starting Kindergarten next fall. I can't believe he is already at that age. One last picture of the gang. From our back yard to yours, we hope everyone has a wonderfully delightful Fall.