Friday, November 7, 2008

Scary Moment

Last night we had a bit of a scare in our house.  I was making dinner for the missionaries.  No my dinner was not scary!  I was making a pre-holiday meal, ham and the whole nine yards.  I had purchased fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce.  Larry and I do not like cranberries but all of my kids do.  Ruby was anxiously waiting to eat and was dancing around in our small busy kitchen trying to help me.  To scoot her along, I gave her a fresh cranberry to nibble on. Less than 5 minutes later she began crying.  Larry had just gotten home so I thought she just wanted him to pick her up.  He did and she kept crying and holding her mouth.  He thought maybe she was teething, but those pesky 2 year molars came early.  I was stressed making the meal, I did not have time for tears.  But Larry would not stop crying about Ruby.  Just kidding. He was freaking out and her crying was uncontrollable so I checked on her.  Her lower lip had completely swollen up.  This was our first experience with an allergic reaction.  Our baby is allergic to cranberry.  Like any other mother, I had benadryl on hand and gave her a small dose. She fell fast asleep and slept the remainder of the night.  When she awoke, all was well with the world.  Her beautiful lips were just that, beautiful.
Now here is what I was left with today:

Ruby had pooped in her diaper.  I was cleaning my kitchen so

she removed her pants and diaper in the back bedroom.

 Ethan threw the diaper away because the smell was 

bothering his TV enjoyment,

 but no one bothered to tell me there was a dirty butt 

rolling around the floor and on my bed!!!

So Ruby is at the age now where poop bothers her.

 I allowed her to run around bottomless and even 

placed that little white butt on the potty to no avail.

After sitting on the potty watching TV for a
good half hour.  Ruby gets up and dances around
before she crashes for a nap.  Yes, she is still
diaper free.  When she wakes I put her back on the
potty and nothing.  Completely dry.  So I put a diaper on her
and the next thing I know, she is peeing while on my lap.
She hates poop, loves panties and being naked, loves her
little potty, but is not yet ready to pee in the potty.
When that day comes, Larry and I will be shouting
from the tree tops.


In the Middle of it All said...

Been there on the allergic reaction and am there on the potty training situation. Physically Kaya is ready, she only pees four times a day and never over night. She poops regulary at the same time every day but refuses to sit on the potty. Sigh. I will be screaming for joy with you and Larry but quite a few miles away.

Lew said...

Great story about the poopy bottom! Made me laugh outloud.
Scary about the cranberry...good thing you noticed and figured out the problem. I probably would have just thought I had a tired, cranky, baby and sent them to bed.
BTW...I love the new picture/title at the top!

Holly and Dan said...

Oh, so sorry about the allergic reaction. They can be so scary! Carter has had a few and it always freaks me out. Thank goodness for Benadryl.

Oh, and I've also been there with the poop all over the bed and floor. Carter decided once to smear my whole bedroom with his poo,including my floor, bed, and furniture. So gross! And we had to be at the courthouse in an hour and a half for Noah's adoption finalization. I was so stressed!

I've been thinking a lot about Larry and hoping he was feeling better!

JoJuan said...

I've never heard of a cranberry allergy. I guess it's good that cranberries aren't a super common food. Now I need to go get some Bendadryl, I don't think I have any.

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Isn't it great having children...well most of the time...hehe. I just read Carmen and Ronnie's blog and Jake fell off the bed and banged his face, head, mouth up last night. Never a dull moment with our children. Kevin was our accident prone one. That is why I taught CPR and First Aid for years and years with him. I figured I should teach or he would die. He finally made it to adulthood. Now I am starting teaching it again. I sure love my kids and my nerves are pretty good after all the accidents and years of practice..but when we get it down pat and are grandparents, now one listens to us then. So you have that to look forward to. You can just love your grand children to death then. LOL. Have a great week. Pat

Patricia H. Bradley said...

P.S. Kevin almost died several times from alerg. reactions to meds bees and other things. So I understand the stress.

Brooke said...

At least when I potty train mine, I lock them in a cage if I can't keep an eye on them, then throw them outside after a couple of hours. I guess I better mention that one is an 89 pound Doberman and the other is a 93 pound German Shepard.....not to mention the 3 cats. :)

J and C said...

I am so glad it wasn't worse! The allergic thing is just scary! And that poopy thing, all over the fploor and bed? All I can say is I am sooo sorry.