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Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend we had here. We finished up our garden and got everything planted. We hope to enjoy Bell & Jalapeno Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Strawberries, Pumpkins, Cantaloupes and Watermelons. Larry Denzil tilled the garden and I made sure to plant everything and mulch it as well. We get free mulch here so I mulched everything. I mulched the fruit trees and the flower beds, I mulched the garden and mulched around our Central Heat and Air. While Larry had Brother Jones trailer, we decided to get some gravel for our drive way. Larry Denzil moved 2 and a half ton of gravel. Jason & Uncle Ben, where were you?

I have found the secret to curing drought. We went to Toys R Us and bought a sand box for Ruby and Ethan. Our kids belong to Toys R Us birthday club so we get tons of coupons. Anyways, before we made it home, it started raining and has not stopped. That was Saturday afternoon and it is now Monday morning and we still have rain. I hope everyone else is enjoying a little …

Savannah's 9th & Our Family Garden

Whay a busy weekend we had here! First off, I wanted to congratulate Benny and Hope on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Ava. She is gorgeous. You can check out her pictures and their family news on their website listed in my Family & Friends Section.

Friday night, we borrowed a trailer from the Jones family and ran off to the Skroski family to borrow their tiller. That was our planned date night before the rain on Saturday. Fun, huh!? Well, Larry Denzil tilled till it got too dark. He at least finished the strawberry patch section. On Saturday morning, we were suppose to have thunderstorms, but did not. We had a wimpy sprinkling. So Larry Denzil was able to till quite a bit. He did over half our garden. His entire body was sore especially his back. He tilled some more Monday night and is still not done after 3 days of tilling. He is quite thorough and our garden plot is quite big. Not to mention, we spend more time tossing out rocks. So far, we have planted strawberries, oni…

Happy Birthday Larry Denzil

Happy Birthday Larry Denzil! We celebrated his birthday friday and saturday evening. On friday, we went out to KFC. Nothing special there. We had a coupon and it was nearby. On saturday, I baked him fudge brownies. That is what he wanted. I am glad since Savannah's birthday is just 6 days later. He had candles and everything.

Today, on his special day, he went off to Durham. He left at 5AM like any other day. He went to the gym and then off to Durham. They are suppose to have a cake for him there. I think his boss called and told them it was Larry's birthday. Hopefully he will get a free meal too.

Here are some pictures I took of Larry Denzil and the kids. I hope you all enjoy them. The last picture is of Ruby at the end of the day. I am not sure how she was slepping, but she was.

This picture here is of Ethan and his very green feet. Unfortunately you can't see that well here, but his feet were super green from playing barefoot in the grass. Luckily, I do not care for our al…

The Great Dandelion Hunt

Well, I had to take pictures and share this with everyone. Yesterday evening when Larry Denzil got home from work, we all went outside and picked dandelions. It was a literal competition for the kids. Larry Denzil told them whoever picks the most, will get 2 candy bars. I never saw so much mayhem. It was like an egg hunt all over again. Savannah played it smart and won the hunt. She saw Larry Denzil and I both picking flowers and would run over to us to collect ours and add to hers.

For those of you who do not know, we live on just over a half acre level lot. That is something very hard to come by in this mountainous region. So Larry is very proud of his yard and tries to maintain it. The last thing he wants to see are weeds.

This weekend, we hope to get our garden plowed. We are in the planning stages of deciding what to plant. Last year we were quite successful with our tomatoes canning over 20 qt jars. But our corn did not turn out very well. I will be sure to take pictures of our …

Happy Spring

What a busy spring we have had thus far. We traveled over to Ashland, KY 2 weeks ago. We had some paper work to do and we opened up savings accounts for the kids over at the credit union. Our kids enjoyed spending quality time with their Papaw and with Uncle Ben & Trisha. I think it was the first time my kids have ever seen Papaw cook. He made them bacon and eggs one morning and pancakes and sausage the next. It was quite a sight. I would have taken pictures for posterity, but Larry Denzil had my camera. And even though Papaw made pancakes, Xander sure did miss Mamaws pancakes.

We visited with the Hurts a great deal. We were able to share in their good news that Jason is moving back home. Emalene and Denzil, look out because you have an overjoyed Granny waiting to get her hands on you. Ruby has taken a huge liking to 2 things in the Hurt household, Lincoln and Sammy Jo. I never got any of her with Lincoln, but here are some of her with Sammy Jo.

Every time Sammy would wag her tail,…