Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Larry Denzil

Happy Birthday Larry Denzil! We celebrated his birthday friday and saturday evening. On friday, we went out to KFC. Nothing special there. We had a coupon and it was nearby. On saturday, I baked him fudge brownies. That is what he wanted. I am glad since Savannah's birthday is just 6 days later. He had candles and everything.

Today, on his special day, he went off to Durham. He left at 5AM like any other day. He went to the gym and then off to Durham. They are suppose to have a cake for him there. I think his boss called and told them it was Larry's birthday. Hopefully he will get a free meal too.

Here are some pictures I took of Larry Denzil and the kids. I hope you all enjoy them. The last picture is of Ruby at the end of the day. I am not sure how she was slepping, but she was.

This picture here is of Ethan and his very green feet. Unfortunately you can't see that well here, but his feet were super green from playing barefoot in the grass. Luckily, I do not care for our already stained carpet or his green feet would have been in trouble.

Today I have spent the day figuring out what to purchase for Savannah's birthday. She asked for a game girl, a tv in her room, and a tree house. When did they get such expensive tastes? Well, I found a great deal on a webkin himalayan cat, and a dance mat game to plug into our tv. I think Larry Denzil may be getting her piano lessons from a lady in our branch. I did find a game boy for her with much help from the Hurt family. You have to love them Hurts. Because Savannah's birthday is this sunday, we will be celebrating it next monday at Fuddruckers. Happy Birthday all you April babies.

I forgot to mention that Ruby had her 18 month check up. She is growing leaps and bounds on her growth chart. She is 32 inches long and just 25 pounds and 10 ounces. She was just above the 50th percentile.

I also forgot to mention that on saturday, poor Larry Denzil had to do a service project that I volunteered him for. Because of the weather, my part had been cancelled, but his part had not. The primary school was maintenancing the landscape. All men were shoveling mulch. My little Brownie troop was suppose to plant flowers that we purchased with some of our cookie funds, but it was raining. We are going to plant our flowers this thursday at our meeting. I will try to have some pictures of the girls working hard.


Jackie Stringham said...

Larry Happy Birthday from your long lost cousin in UT. Hope you had a great one. And by the way we are so jealous that you now have Jason and Sheba living so close to you. :) Jackie