Friday, August 29, 2008

Apple Festival

OK,  I was too excited to wait on this new post.  We went to the Hendersonville Apple Festival this afternoon.  We have lived here 2 years and this was our first time going.  It was fun.  People had their crafts for sale and of course, lots of apples.  Anyways, center stage, a band was performing old rock n roll music.  We stopped to take a break and enjoy ice cream.  While sitting there, a square dancer asked Larry Denzil to be her partner in the square dancing routine.  Talk about a laugh, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.  Did I forget to mention that the Hurts were in for a visit?

Ok, here is Larry Denzil having a great time square dancing.

I think he has found his true calling.

Here is little Larry relaxing during the bands gig.
Here is Larry Denzil and the little old lady who
asked him to be her partner.  Poor thing, I do not
think she read the back of his shirt.  He had the number 
7 and at the top it said Baby Maker.  This was his
work soft ball shirt.
He is actually enjoying himself.
The crowd behind me was going wild for him.  He was just so
animated and actually pretty good.

Here is Xander.  1st he had cotton candy, and then he enjoyed some
ice cream.  When I asked him what his favorite part of the
festival was, he said "the cotton candy, the ice cream, oh just eating."

Here is Savannah enjoying her ice cream on such a hot afternoon.
It had been cool and rainy all week.  At the festival, it was sunny and
92 degrees.  YIKES!

Here is Emalene enjoying her sweet treat.  Isn't she cute?

Here is Ethan and Denzil.  Ethan was so excited to have a sleepover
with his best friend.  Finally someone his age.

Ok, here is my Ruby Isabella.  Larry Denzil bought the cotton candy for little Larry 
but could not find him and Ruby wanted it.  Then Larry Denzil bought
the ice cream for himself and again, Ruby wanted it.  Can you tell she gets just about
everything she wants.

Ok, the Hendersonville air museum was there and had this little fun ride.
My kids enjoyed it so much and it was the only free ride there.

Here is Xander and Emalene.  Xander is such a sweet heart.

Here is the gang hanging out.  They are all 
wearing McCain stickers that some men were
handing out.  This festival had lots of little free things.

Here is Ruby and big brother Xander.
He loves her so much.

They had these beautiful statues all over the place.
I do not know what they were for, but Xander wanted to hop on all 
of them.
Here is the Dippin Dots man.  Dippin Dots are a huge
fad here.  I have never actually had them tough.

Here are all the kids.  Look at Ruby in the middle.
Her leg is stretched out to the side like that to prevent
Ethan from sitting next to her.  She does this everyday 
at school in the double stroller.  Poor little guy 
just cannot catch a break.

Ethan and Denzil were truly inseparable.  They rode in the car together
and walked together and just shared everything.  It was
truly nice to see. 

Here are my two youngest.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures
 as much as we enjoyed the festival.  We came away with many memories and a 
bushel of Granny Smith and Empire apples.  MMMMM!


Holly and Dan said...

The pictures of Larry square dancing - priceless!! Oh, I wish I could have seen it in person! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love festivals like that.

Saumsiegle Family said...

I know we are supposed to be focusing on the kids but seeing Larry square dance was a real treat! I guess all those young men and women classes paid off. Oh my favorite picture has got to be the one of Ruby with the Cotton Candy and the Ice cream. That would have been a dream for me!

Saumsiegle Family said...

Hello Holly

JoJuan said...

Okay, so much to comment on this post, I hope I don't forget!! First, I love Ruby's dress. It's adorable. Second, Larry Denzil is totally cracking me up with the dancing. It's is so Larry to ham it up. I'm glad the crowd got a kick out of it. Third, how come you guys go to such cool festivals and other thingeys there? You're town seems to be so full of Norman Rockwell activities. Fourth, how fun it must have been to have the Hurts down. You got some great pics to help you remember the great day.

The Arrrrrgalls said...

Loved all your pics from the Apple Festival, that is always a fun thing. I saw the pic of you kiddies in the "gyrocopter". I actually belong to the Hendersonville Air Museum. It's a really fun club to belong to. We have air shows, monthly meetings, cool planes that fly in and out. The best part for you is that the Museum is totally FREE!! There are some wonderful men there (who were in WWII and Korea) to show you around. Ask for Ray Seeley, he is my favorite and he is sooo sweet. All kinds of planes for the kids to see, and did I say it's FREE. Just had to pass that along! Oh, and tell Larry keep up the square dancing skills!!