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Ethan's First Day of School & Xander Riding a Bike

I finally got a hold of Larry Denzil's iphone so I could download Ethan's first day on the big yellow bus. Here is Xander finally riding a bike. He learned about 2 weeks ago. He just finally decided he was going to learn and so he did.
August has been a month of milestones for the Roberts' family. Ethan started school, Xander can ride a 2 wheeler, and Ruby uses her potty. Wooo Hooo!

Carpet of Flowers

This week we got to visit the carpet of flowers at the Biltmore. Every time I visit this place, it takes my breath away. A small view of the carpet with the mountains in the back ground. I love being surrounded by all these beautiful mountains. In Black Mountain, we have the 7 sisters range. Larry thinks it is ironic to still be surrounded by 7 sisters. I wish I had a ticket for the roof top. I can only imagine what the flowers looked like from a higher level.
My family. Beautiful Savvy. My little thinking man. A precious moment. Some fountain fun.

Ruby having some fun on the garden stage. I can't believe I was able to snap this shot of her in mid air. My 3 boys.

I love Japanese Maples. One of many fountains. My favorite picture of the Japanese Wisteria. I took this same shot in early spring before the leaves had grown. Makes me feel like I am in Greece walking along the acropolis or some other beautiful structure.

Summertime fun with Friends

One of my favorite pictures of the afternoon. Ruby's classmate, Jarrod having some fun on the park sign. Xander testing out the hard monkey bar. He made it across after a single attempt. This boy is adventurous. Sisters Here is Ruby swimming. I told them you couldn't swim in this water because it was just ankle deep. Here is Ruby proving me wrong. Here is Annie carefully walking the cold stream. My Savannah enjoying some time alone. Brothers enjoying the cold stream on a beautiful breezy summer afternoon. Ruby being adventurous. The kids are building a dam to form a natural wading pool. They actually did a pretty good job, that other children were enjoying. Xander and his crawdad. If there are critters around, he can find them. He desperately wanted to bring this big ugly home. He kept it in his shoe while we were here. Ethan and his best buddy Soren. These two are dangerous when together. They had climbed up the hillside to the main road.
Little Benjamin enjoying the beautiful creek. Grant is trying to hi…