Monday, August 31, 2009

Carpet of Flowers

This week we got to visit the carpet of flowers at
the Biltmore.
Every time I visit this place, it
takes my breath away.
A small view of the carpet with the mountains in the back
ground. I love being surrounded by all these beautiful
mountains. In Black Mountain, we have the 7 sisters
range. Larry thinks it is ironic to still
be surrounded by 7 sisters.
I wish I had a ticket for the roof top.
I can only imagine what the flowers looked
like from a higher level.

My family.
Beautiful Savvy.
My little thinking man.
A precious moment.
Some fountain fun.

Ruby having some fun on the garden stage.
I can't believe I was able to snap this
shot of her in mid air.
My 3 boys.

I love Japanese Maples.
One of many fountains.
My favorite picture of the Japanese Wisteria.
I took this same shot in early spring before
the leaves had grown. Makes me feel like I am
in Greece walking along the acropolis or
some other beautiful structure.
The carpet of flowers. It is amazing
what a landscaper can come up with.
A mushroom we came upon on one of the trails.
The kids were thrilled at its resemblance to
a golf ball. I love nature.
A side shot of the Biltmore.
Xander and Ethan in line for some
fresh churned vanilla ice cream
We got lucky when we went to the farm.
A display was just finishing up and we were treated
to some very delicious ice cream.
My kids must have spent over 30 minutes playing
this ring tossing game.

My boys again.
My little pioneers. Ruby Loved this bonnet.
Am I going to have to make her one?
The kids fell in love with these chickens.
They were absolutely beautiful.
Xander looking cool.
The all took turns on the tractor. What is it about
kids and tractors?

Such an old soul.
Original Barn built in 1902.
Apparently Mrs. Vanderbilt had a strong
interest in agriculture.
I love this video of Ruby.
She got to help the lady carry some
baby chicks to their "bed." She was very concerned
with the chicks Mommy. She felt like they missed
her. And the second video shows my
wild man hula hooping.