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Some Things That I Am Currently Working On

In between household chores and watching the kids, I love to have lots of projects lying around so that my hands and mind are never left idle. Here is a quilt top that my grandmother gave my mother many years ago.  It was pieced by my great grandmother and no one in my family knew how to finish it. So, several years ago, my mother gave it to me in hopes that I would finish it.  I packed it in a container and forgot about it. This summer, I am making it my goal to  repair it and then quilt and bind it. It is a rather small quilt with 4 inch squares so I know this is an attainable goal. I have already researched repairing antique quilts so I am going to find what works best. This just has some minor damages along a few seams. I think my bog challenge will be trying to decide how to bind it.
Everyone knows I love to crochet.  Now that I have cleaned my yarns and my craft area, I decided to start a new project.  I found this wonderful pattern from another blogger. It was such a unique and simple pattern I had …

Why I Love Black Mountain

So last night, we were surprised by fireworks  right outside our door.  Each year, the town of Black Mountain has a 4th of July fireworks display and each year, it surprises us. These are no bottle rockets either.  These are ball park worthy  huge fireworks. All we had to do to watch, was step out our front door.  It really does not get any better than this.

I do hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday.

A Little De-cluttering

This is so my life.  Clutter!  I have piles of stuff all over the house.  But in this one corner of our bedroom, I keep my crafty things.  Well, actually I also have  storage containers full of more, but those are neatly tucked into my closet. How can anyone know what they have amongst this mess!? There is yarn, thread, fabric, patterns, books.... Ahhhhh.  Here is some of my fabulous yarn. I decided to put this next to the bed so that I could work on small projects while watching TV.
Can you believe this is the same corner? Looks so much better.  I have my patterns and quilting books on the bottom and some of my latest fabric purchases on top.  Maybe being able to see my fabulous fabric will motivate me to  get back to quilting. Look at all this yummy fabric. I hear a project calling my name!

Beach Blanket Bingo

Last week we packed our bags and headed for Hilton Head Island. We had never been there before and heard rave reviews from quite a few friends.  Being just 5 hours from our house, how could we not look into it. Such a love affair between father and daughter. These two absolutely adore one another. My fearless Ethan.  He scared me too death because he was always out far from the beach and alone. He had absolutely no fear and was a pro on that little boogie board. Funny story, on our first day there,  Ethan had gotten out a little far and was alone so Larry Denzil went out to join him. Behind Ethan, Larry saw a fin peer up out of the water  in reaching distance and pulled Ethan to him. When he turned toward the shore, it was just a dolphin.  Whew!   I absolutely love this picture.  Ethan just sat in the shallow pool of water and did what looked like synchronized swimming.
Xander and Larry both boogie boardin' fools. Larry tried to hit dad up for a surf board. What was he thinking?  I can tell teen years …