Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Things That I Am Currently Working On

In between household chores and watching the kids,
I love to have lots of projects lying around so that
my hands and mind are never left idle.
Here is a quilt top that my grandmother gave my mother
many years ago.  It was pieced by my great grandmother
and no one in my family knew how to finish it.
So, several years ago, my mother gave it to me
in hopes that I would finish it.  I packed it in
a container and forgot about it.
This summer, I am making it my goal to 
repair it and then quilt and bind it.
It is a rather small quilt with 4 inch squares so
I know this is an attainable goal.
I have already researched repairing antique quilts
so I am going to find what works best.
This just has some minor damages along a few seams.
I think my bog challenge will be trying to decide how to bind it.

Everyone knows I love to crochet.  Now that I have cleaned
my yarns and my craft area, I decided to start
a new project.  I found this wonderful pattern
from another blogger.
It was such a unique and simple
pattern I had to try it.  This is what I have
accomplished after just 1 day.
It is highly addictive and oh so cute.

And lastly, I am working on finishing this book.
I loved Twilight that I could not put it down and
finished it in 2 days.  Then I got to New Moon and
it was more difficult for me to get into, but I finished it.
Now I am reading Eclipse which is a lot like Twilight, 
but I have not had a lot
of time to read.  I fear if I pick it up, I will not get any
of my chores done.  What is a girl to do?


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Welcome to the world of Twillight readers. (: I have some obsessed friends - who got to me to start reading last October. You'll be ready for the next movie due out in November. (: Although I don't like that it's a teenage love story (wish it was college age at least) I do like how absorbing it is and that a Mormon Mom wrote it and has made tons of money from it!