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A Visit to the Wax Museum

Last week, the 3rd graders at BMP hosted a wax museum. Honestly, I thought this was a clever class project. Each child had 2 weeks to gather information on a famous person past or present. Larry chose George Washington. He learned all about Washington's family, where he lived, what he was famous for and how he died.
Each child had a colored dot, "button", on their hand. When you push the button, they give you a 2 to 3 minute summary of this person's bio. It was really neat.
Here is Ethan listening to Abraham Lincoln. The day we visited, Ethan's class visited too. So it was interesting to see him outside of the home before he realized I was there.
Here is my George Washington before he realized Larry & I were there.
It is always such a treat for the kids to have daddy come out and see them. Larry posing for his dad.

Where else can you see George Washington shooting the breeze with his best bud Albert Einstein?


If you ever see me out and about and I look slightly frazzled, this could be why.... I assure you I am not driving while these images were taken. This is me and my crew waiting on Savannah while she is at piano lessons. I glance in my rear view and guess what I see....
No, not Ms. Ruby, but a half naked Ethan in the back seat. I can never keep any clothes on that boy. He feels the most comfortable walking around in his little tightie whities.
This is a shot of Ruby out with mom and dad while all the others had saturday school. She thoroughly enjoyed being the only child.

A Tire Blow Out

At the beginning of March, Larry went to Salem on business. On his way there, this is what happened. Luckily he was on cruise control, driving straight, with no traffic around. Although he would like to tell you it was his expert driving skills and quick reaction. However you look at it, he was safe and his car was fine minus this tire. This tire has taught Larry that he will never purchase another volkswagen. Apparently to change a VW tire, you need the manual. Something that Larry is not accustomed to. And he is quite knowledgeable in basic mechanics.

Seeing Hearts

Ruby loves stickers. And honestly, there is nothing like putting these stickers all over your body for everyone to admire.

Spring Cleaning

The first week of spring, I decided to do a little spring cleaning. I honestly thought I could hit a few rooms and feel good at the end of the day. WRONG! I started in Savannah's room because her room is always the cleanest. I was shocked at what I found lurking around unseen corners... This massive pile of junk was found between the beds and the walls. Can you believe kids can shove that much stuff out of sight and make a room look clean? I sure am!
Her closet was overflowing with an array of items. When I opened the door, they literally came pouring out.

While I was working hard, this is what Bella was doing. After the 3rd day of cleaning, yes 3rd day in that room, I wanted to do the same.
Because I was trying to do a thorough cleaning, I even went through all of the girls toys. I guess a few barbies did not survive the filth.

Each year, I do a good cleaning of the kids bedrooms. And each year, I am amazed at what new hiding spot they will come up with. This is a pencil or makeup bag full of dirty …

Check out this Blog

I follow various blogs, but I will have to say, this is one of my absolute favorites. If you love receiving interior design tips, remodeling ideas, recipes, patterns... this is a blog you do not want to miss. Right now she is hosting a giveaway from one of her sponsors, The Big Clock Store. I urge you all to check it out. After all, who doesn't like a chance to win something?

Ruby's Quilt

I am still trucking along on Ms. Ruby's quilt. Any little bit of spare time, I spend piecing these little stars. I need 54 of them to be exact.

A Snowy Start to March

This is what we got dumped with on tuesday. About another 6 to 8 inches of snow. I should have known something was coming when the kids & I noticed the beautiful snow covered mountains monday morning. But how could we get this when monday was so beautiful and fairly warm?
Yes, the snow is beautiful, but after 3 snow days in a row.... it becomes a night mare. I am sure our family up in Massachusetts are laughing at us.
Here is what is left this morning after 2 very sunny days. That is where the snow should be. Up on top of those mountains away from me, but still in my sight so I can enjoy it a little.

April Star

A facebook friend of mine decided to call on all her quilting friends to send her a block for a Linus quilt. Linus quilts are fabulous and have brightened this mom from time to time when her children have been in the hospital. It was so much fun to piece this little 6" block. Everyone knows I have such a fascination with star quilts. I look forward to seeing her finished project.