Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The first week of spring, I decided to do a little
spring cleaning. I honestly thought I could hit a few rooms
and feel good at the end of the day.
I started in Savannah's room because her room is always
the cleanest. I was shocked at what I found
lurking around unseen corners...
This massive pile of junk was found between the beds
and the walls. Can you believe kids
can shove that much stuff out of sight and
make a room look clean?
I sure am!

Her closet was overflowing with an
array of items. When I opened the door,
they literally came pouring out.

While I was working hard,
this is what Bella was doing.
After the 3rd day of cleaning,
yes 3rd day in that room, I wanted
to do the same.

Because I was trying to do a thorough cleaning,
I even went through all of the girls toys.
I guess a few barbies did not survive the filth.

Each year, I do a good cleaning of the kids bedrooms.
And each year, I am amazed at what new
hiding spot they will come up with.
This is a pencil or makeup bag full of
dirty boy socks.

Here is a bulk of our food storage. We keep it
under the girls bunk. Never in my wildest dreams, would I think
that the boys would try and shove their clean clothes
here. But they did.

So it took me three very long days to clean.
2 garbage bags of broken junk, and 1 large bag
of outgrown clothes, I was starting to see cleanliness.

The girls book case was semi orderly
without all of Savannah's old home work
and papers.

Ruby had a bed that she could sleep on with out the
hidden mounds of clothes and shoes
scattered here and there.

Each day, my pile was getting smaller and smaller
and the girls room was no longer looking like
a junk yard.

Here is Ruby enjoying a floor.
The boxes against the wall are all
our new hardwood flooring.
The month of April is when we are
desperate to lay it all down.

Will I tackle the boys room?
To be honest I am very scared.
Friday morning, when I went in their room to turn
out the lights, this is what I found.
Those are 2 pairs of boxer underwear hanging
from the curtain rod.
When I emailed Larry the photo,
he kindly reminded me that I am always telling them
to keep their stuff off the floors.
I am afraid. I am very afraid to see what new
hiding spots await me.


The Arrrrrgalls said...

I almost fell off my chair laughing at this post. My fav part is the headless barbie bodies, and the boy's under-roos on the curtain rod. Another priceless Roberts moment!!

bow mom said...

To funny. Can I put my house on the list next. I swear I spend a day a week in Clarissa's room. I did Hunter's today minus the closet.

You need to head this way!

Miss you.