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A Very Barker Reunion

Before the reunion, Ruby and I had a little fun taking some pictures at Mamaw's house. She is always good for a pose or two. Cousins. This may become a tradition for Krista and I. Here are our two little girls who are just a few weeks apart. Every time we get together, we take a picture of the two beauties. I really need a wide angle lens for this huge family! Here are most of the "little" cousins. Here are most of the cousins. Here is an awkward shot of the Barkers with their spouses. Here are the Barkers. What a family! For a funny story about Ivan and Elwood, check out this article that was in yahoo news 6 months ago. They got a big kick out of it and then yelled at their sisters for giving them those names. Steve and Elwood corralling the kids for a north vs. south water fight.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Noah and this other little fellow were just mesmerized by all these little water balloons. Noah kept picking them up and dropping them back in the tub for a fun bounce. Bot…

Random Things

Here is my little girl all grown up. Savannah got some make up tuesday while at Sylvan. Something I am sure she had her eye on since she started going there. I am sure I will have to find an aunt or someone who wears makeup to teach my girls how less is more. I have never worn any in my entire life so I would not begin to know how to teach them.
Here is my 2 year old who acts like she is going on 16 posing for the camera. She is no longer my little Ruby. She has decided she wants us to call her Bella. That would be fine, but she doesn't always answer us when we call her that.
Here is my latest project. I found the pattern to Bella's mitten on the internet. I thought it would make a fabulous gift for some young women that I know. I have never knitted mittens or cables for that matter, but I think they are turning out pretty good. This is what I have accomplished after 2 days. I must admit this is my 2nd attempt. My first attempt, I forgot to leave an opening for the thumb. Duh! I told you I…

Our 4th of July Expedition

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe fourth of July weekend. We spent our weekend in GA at my parents home. Here is my mom's dog Okie.  She has been a member of the family for 13 years next month. That is longer than Larry by 4 months. What is the 4th without some watermelon?

The kids literally inhaled nearly half the large watermelon in a matter of minutes. Here is my cute little nephew Cole. He was unsure of all the kids in his grandparents house. My Kennesaw Mountain pictures are totally backwards. This is after we hiked up the mountain 1.1 miles and back down again.  So this is our starting point where I had a picture of all the kids towards the end of the blog. Amazingly they still had lots of energy. I wish I could say the same for mom and dad.
Here is little Kennesaw and the below is a brief story about its historical significance.
Here is a view of the city.  I took this picture from near the top.  Look at all the homes below. I was amazed to see how many structures have taken over my once …