Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July Expedition

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe fourth of July weekend.
We spent our weekend in GA at my parents home.
Here is my mom's dog Okie.  She has been a member
of the family for 13 years next month.
That is longer than Larry by 4 months.
What is the 4th without some watermelon?

The kids literally inhaled nearly half the large
watermelon in a matter of minutes.
Here is my cute little nephew Cole.
He was unsure of all the kids
in his grandparents house.
My Kennesaw Mountain pictures are totally backwards.
This is after we hiked up the mountain 1.1 miles and
back down again.  So this is our starting point where I had
a picture of all the kids towards the end of the blog.
Amazingly they still had lots of energy.
I wish I could say the same for mom and dad.

Here is little Kennesaw and the below is a
brief story about its historical significance.

Here is a view of the city.  I took this picture from
near the top.  Look at all the homes below.
I was amazed to see how many structures have taken over my
once small town.  We once had a single McDonalds,
Captain D's and a grocery store.  Now there is a 
mall, numerous hotels, 2 movie theaters, several grocers,
a couple of Walmarts, a few Lowes and home depots, I couldn't tell you
how many restruarants...
It is crazy at how this city has grown.
I was telling a long lost friend over the weekend that
I moved away from there after graduation
to find a bigger city.  I don't need to 
look any further.
Here is Larry coming down from the tippy top!
A beautiful look at the Atlanta skyscrape.
At least I am assuming it is the altanta area because
Kennesaw does not boast sky scrapers and last I checked
Marietta just had the KFC big chicken.
Here are all 5 kids from on top of the mountain.
Larry was thrilled to death that he climbed
"an entire mountain" as he put it.
Ethan coming down from the top.
Xander was just singing to him self
as he came down from the top.
My little Ruby was flying down the top.  I was
so panicked that she would trip and
fall.  That is something I would totally do.
So here is the beginning.  This is a monument
for all the confederate soldiers who lost their lives here
I think.
See how happy everyone is.
This was a familiar scene, poor Larry
Denzil carrying an extra 35 pounds
on top of his shoulders.

We sure hope everyone had a safe and happy
4th of July.  We sure did have
a wonderful time visiting
with family and friends.


Feedsack Fantasy said...

Beautiful country around Kennesaw Mt. Glad you all had a lovely time.
TTFN ~Marydon
PS Pop over for a visit.

D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Good picturs of the hike!!! Makes me want to take mine soon - I haven't done that enough!!!