Monday, February 23, 2009

What on Earth!? How can you not stop and smile?

This morning I woke up and felt really good and energized.
I was just ready to start the day.
I had a little fun on the wii fit at 5:30Am before waking the kids.  
A Valentine's gift from a dear husband.  I love video games and well,
you might as well exercise while playing.

Afterwards, I started with my chores.  Just trying to tackle 
one room at a time.  The first room I cleaned was the
children's living room.  Why did I choose this room?
I knew Ethan & Ruby would play and watch TV,
but I had no idea they would do this!?

Here is a darling Ruby Isabella exhausted and asleep after
her mayhem and destruction.

Yes, that is toilet paper all over the floor.
An entire roll they managed to toss all over the living room.
They also got a hold of the baby bath and made some bubbles in 
the boys bedroom, and got a hold of the lotion and squirted it all over 
the footboard on my bed.  Where am I during all this? Feeling really
good because I had washed, dried, and folded 4 loads of
laundry, put away the clean dishes, cleaned a room and 
a half and did a half hour of cardio before noon.

Now it is back to more cleaning. I just hope
that something I clean and organize will last for Larry to see
so I won't hear those dreaded words, "What have you done all day?"

On a side note, I had to share that I really enjoyed our relief society lesson
yesterday given by a fabulous Sister Jenkins.
  I will be the first to admit that a lot of times my mind will wander on 
what is for lunch, what am I going to do this week, where did she get those shoes...?
It is especially difficult when it is break the fast and I can smell
wonderful foods in the kitchen.  Then I start thinking about
food again and what I am craving.
Anyways, our lesson was on Elder Christofferson's
message "Come to Zion."  For those of you who have not read it,
I urge you to do so.  I think it was this lesson that just 
motivated me to start my monday off on the right foot.
It gave me a more positive outlook as well as a more patient
one with my children and their crazy and unnerving antics.
Sister Buchanon had made the comment, 
"We are all different and should celebrate our differences."
This just really touched me as someone who has been different my entire life.
I was one of just a handful of Asian Americans
growing up in a small primarily white community
and it was difficult.  And now I have 2 kids
with disabilities who will
be looked upon as different. The world is so much
more diverse these days, but I definitely want my children
to celebrate others differences rather than treat them
as oddities.


In the Middle of it All said...

That reminds me of when I was teaching in Taiwan, and I left the kids in the play room while I went to make their lunch. When I returned they had managed to find, somewhere, a styrofoam sheet and had decided to make snow. Do you know how hard it is to clean up styrofoam without a vacuum cleaner? Your kids are adorable and perfect just the way they are!!! And I will kick anyone that says differently!

Anonymous said...

Ok you totally made me cry with this post. I am glad to knowt hat the spirit guided you to the correct information amongst my rambling. By the way, I know what to get the kids for Christmas...Silly string. If they love the toilet paper, imagine what they could do with the string??? Love Ya, Jenkins

Holly and Dan said...

Oh, boy, that looks so familiar. I always feel so proud of myself after I've cleaned and I'll go where the boys are and they've made a huge mess. Drives me crazy!

Patricia H. Bradley said...

Hi, you should talk to me sometime about diversity and how you are treated with foster children, special needs children and mentally ill family, i have been there and done that with the scars to prove, but the one that topped it was the race discrimination from having Dominique, yet I was so at peace with the love from Dominique and his life being a part of ours that, when others call me bad names from having an African American baby and being white, with all the kids (who looked different and different dads obviously) I just laughed and smiled at them thinking you don't know a thing, the nurses would get mad and I would laugh, they didn't understand it and yet "total peace" was in my heart and soul. I would never trade the 12 yrs we had with him and wait for the day I am back by his side to say hi again and have him with me for eternity. I know some of the differences you feel growing up as different in your community. Yet we are so blessed to have the gospel and love of Heavenly Father and example of Jesus Christ. I can't imagine life without it. Now, you keep on showing your kids that differences make us Great and they will grow up as my children did and not see the hurt, as others may because the gospel helps us love in hate, laugh in tears and hope in dispair. I loved the post and thanks for sharing that with us. Pat

Destinee said...

Great post! And oh the messes they create while we are cleaning up the last one.