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Trick or Trunk 2008

Here is Ruby after enjoying a little icing.
She was like the energizer bunny that would not quit.
More sugar!  Here is Savannah enjoying the doughnut game. I think this was the only game my kids stayed at.
Here is Larry almost done with his doughnut.
Here is my Ethan having difficulty not using his hands. He walked away with doughnut in his lashes and brows.

My kids had so much fun at the trick or trunk.  Jennifer did a fabulous job putting everything together.  And we have such a young branch, it was nice to see some of the couples and families dress up.  There were so many neat and original costumes.

Pumpkin Carving

Today was our annual trick or trunk.  To prepare for the festivities, we carved out pumpkins all day long.  Doesn't that just sound like so much fun.  One mommy, 5 kids, and 5 pumpkins.
So this is the one and only pumpkin that grew in our garden. I think next year, we will plant them early in hopes of getting more pumpkins than 1.  Not to mention having a bigger pumpkin than what we had.  But this was  the perfect pumpkin for Ruby. She loved it.
Ruby is just thrilled to death with her pumpkin.
Here she is scooping out the guts.  It was really difficult for me to keep her from eating the pumpkin. She thought it was like one great big apple.
Here is Ethan and Larry cleaning the insides of their pumpkins. This was our fun time while the others were away at school.

Here are my school kids taking their turns at cleaning out their tiny little pumpkins.  Can I just say, if you are going to carve pumpkins, little ones are not the  way to go.  It took me forever to carve all these.
So the small pumpkin on …

More snow pictures

Disregard our messy yard.  I just love seeing the fall colors, mixed in with a dusting of snow. This is our small gravel road.  We have a hand full of neighbors and live in a cul de sac or a  holler depending on where you grew up. I love the beautiful conifers with a  modest amount of snow on top. We live in such a beautiful area.

Snow in October

So this morning we were surprised by beautiful snow flurries.  The kids were praying for a snow day and I was praying for a school day.  I won.  Yay me.  But here are some beautiful pictures of our tiny flurries.
Here is our home with a snow covered roof.
This is my walk home from the bus stop. Snow dusted the tips of these beautiful pine trees.

Here are my kids waiting for the bus. I think Xander was eating some snow he got off the steps. Can I just say it was freezing cold.  It was 36 but extremely windy.

Benny & Jason, this one is for you.

All right boys.  You guys worked hard at teaching Savannah and Larry.  Here is one who learned all on her own.  The art of picking your nose.  Thankfully, she does not eat the boogers. She always exclaims' "OOOOOOHH!"  And makes me clean it immediately.

Carver Center Fall Carnival

Here is the gang ready to have some fun. We had a witch, 3 ninjas, and a UK cheerleader.
Patricia and Katie, this picture is for you. This is Savannah's old costume. We had to add the wings, because Ruby felt it needed more accessories.
Here is Larry and Xander doing a potato sack race. I think Larry won the race.  Xander was too busy giggling.

Here is Ethan throwing the dart.  I think he came close to hitting 2 balloons.  This was a dangerous game for the kids.

Here is Ethan racing his dad.  Ethan was in such a rush, he leaped right out of the sack twice.  I wish I had the video camera.

Such a good dad.
Here is Ethan leaping right out of the sack.
Here is Savannah taking her turn at the sack race. My kids are so competitive.
Here is Xander patiently (Hah!) waiting for the others who are watching a magic show.
Xander is having his fortune told. I think she told him he would be kind to others.

Here is Larry peeking out of the cut out.
Here is Xander taking his turn. Can you see something at the bottom of …