Monday, October 27, 2008

Carver Center Fall Carnival

Here is the gang ready to have some fun.
We had a witch, 3 ninjas, and a UK cheerleader.

Patricia and Katie, this picture is for you.
This is Savannah's old costume.
We had to add the wings, because Ruby
felt it needed more accessories.

Here is Larry and Xander doing a potato sack
race. I think Larry won the race.  Xander was too busy giggling.

Here is Ethan throwing the dart.  I think he came
close to hitting 2 balloons.  This was a dangerous game
for the kids.

Here is Ethan racing his dad.  Ethan was
in such a rush, he leaped right out of the sack
twice.  I wish I had the video camera.

Such a good dad.

Here is Ethan leaping right out of the sack.

Here is Savannah taking her turn at the sack race.
My kids are so competitive.

Here is Xander patiently (Hah!) waiting for the
others who are watching a magic show.

Xander is having his fortune told.
I think she told him he would be kind to others.

Here is Larry peeking out of the cut out.

Here is Xander taking his turn.
Can you see something at the bottom of the door.
Surprise!  It is Ruby.  She thought she was so cute.
Maybe a little.

Here is Savannah having a good time.

Here is Ethan on his tip toes trying to be 
like the big kids.

Here is Ruby being held up by Xander.
She is sooooo spoiled.

Here is Ruby with her first experience at the jump house.
She screamed and giggled the entire time.

She had to be dragged out of the place.

Here are the boys jumping away.
They thought it was a hoot to slam up
against the walls and fall backward.

So this is a carnival that our town does every year, free for the community.  This was our first time attending.  We are trying to do more of the free things in our community.  

Onto some news.  Larry was unable to cathe yesterday.  Very scarey situation for us being 10 hours from his surgeon and not knowing what to do.  We called the on call urologist who advised us to run over to the ER.  The 2 Larry's headed over to Mission and had a short wait.  Larry gave the ER docs an option of cathing our son or operating on him after you do serious damage from waiting.  By this point, little Larry was sick and vomiting.  The ER doc used a smaller gauge catheter and was able to force it in.  He sent Larry home with some smaller catheters.  When cathing time came around again, we had great difficulties once again.  After much patience and prayer, Larry was able to force one of Larry's catheters in and we taped it to his abdomen.  Now he is having frequent bladder spasms and will be out of school till we can get him to Baltimore.  Dr Gearheart, the surgeon has advised us to leave the catheter in till he can be seen in 2 weeks.  During this time, he hopes the "tunnel" will be healed and dilated.  I will keep you all updated.  Just another journey in the Roberts' household.


Lew said...

You seriously do the most fun things with your kids. I only hope, if I am ever a mom of 5, that I will have the energy to do all you do. I think it's pretty remarkable.
I'm so sorry to hear about Larry. Keep us updated about his progress. He will be in our prayers.

JoJuan said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm very impressed that you guys enjoy the community around you. It seems too daunting for me.

Larry is in our prayers. I hope he does well.

Saumsiegle Family said...

Tell Larry that these pictures remind me of the haunted house/Halloween carnival that Deering Elementary school did for us. To this day, that was the best haunted house I can remember! Your kids look like they are having so much fun! I hope you can spend some time looking at your own blog and finding comfort while you and Larry take care of Little Larry. He's an angel and you and Larry are both amazing.