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Showing posts from December, 2010

Our First Beautiful Snowfall

This morning we woke up to 2.5 inches of snow. I know it is not much, but it is so beautiful.
My caged little animal waiting to come out and play. Last week he prayed for snow and actually got it along with 2 no school days. He is working his magic for this week as well.
I hope this message finds everyone warm and well.

Cub Scout Award Ceremony

Last wednesday the boys had a cub scout award ceremony.
Brotherly love. I hope these two will always be close.
Larry conducted the music. Honestly it looked like he was doing the tomahawk chop. I will have to upload the video later.
Xander was all smiles. He earned a lot of rewards.
Larry & his first belt loop. He earned a lot more in his previous troop, but never bothered to show his leader.
Josh, a fellow cub scouter.
Finally a smile from DJ.
The best little cub scout troop ever.
The boys & their den mother.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was wonderful. Our family was altogether and we got to spend the holidays with the Hurts.
I borrowed these first 5 pictures from Sheba. Here are the boys enjoying their meal. Thanksgiving day was nice and warm in KY.
Here are the two princesses.
Sheba got the kids to make faces for their desserts. Check out all the goodies.

Look what Uncle Ben is raising in his yard.

A little football after dinner.

Ruby has the right idea.
After a wonderful dinner, we went to the Paramount to check out the Festival of Trees.
Of course Ethan found an Avatar Tree.
Our beloved UK tree. Gotta get one of these for our house.
I absolutely loved this tree.
We could have watched the trains all day.
Ethan & Denzil.

I Love This Age

While in TN, Ruby made a new best friend.

Sometimes it is not smart to ask Daddy for a lift. I hope to bring these two little girls together again soon.

TN Cabin Shots

A quick blog catch up of our trip to the Smoky Mountains.

The kids enjoying the hot tub. Ruby & Ethan doing a little arm fart serenade.

Justa' Swangin' The weather was so beautiful while we were in town. Oh how I miss those 70 degree days.
Little Larry fell in love with the pool table. He and his daddy played several games.
Savannah was more in love with the air hockey. Our cabin had a loft with game tables... Our kids asked if we could move in?
Ruby being mischievous I am sure.
A little foosball anyone?
A view of the other cabins from our balcony.
Having a little fun.

Hopefully we can make this trip again some time soon!