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How Was Your Thursday

How was your thursday? Our was, well......

Thankfully Larry was not hurt, but our 12 year old Saturn was. A tree limb freakishly fell and hit the roof of Larry's car denting it and in turn shattering the rear view. We drove Savannah, Ethan, and Ruby home in this car from the hospital. It has been a trustworthy member of our family. But now it is time to say goodbye.

Do you see the convertible next to our car. Yeah, that car was not damaged. Just our car. It is hard not to laugh and cry. We've had a rough October and now November, well it can only look up from here.

Bring on your best redneck joke. We're ready for them. We cleaned all the glass last night and then duct taped plastic to the car. Larry thought about having some fun and duct taping the #3.
Now we are in the market for a new or used vehicle. I will let you know what Larry finds.

Savannah Yuki

Savannah is growing up so quickly I need to record all her little milestones. But there are some I was not quite prepared for. Here is my not so little girl, proudly wearing a Hannah Montana dress given to her by her most favorite teacher in the whole wide world. A few more shoe sizes and a few more inches, we will be the same size. Of course that is not saying much when your mommy is just 5 feet tall. But we keep telling the poor girl she can't have boyfriends till she is as tall as Aunt Holly. So reaching mommy's height will be a big deal because she will just have another foot to grow.
So here is what I was not quite prepared for. I was just watching an old friends video on her blog of the celebration of their daughter's second month. I remember those days when Savannah loved me whole heartedly and listened to every thing I said. But then she learned to talk and formed her own opinions. Sigh. Here is what she looked like when I picked her up from school this afternoon. Can you see it arou…