Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah Yuki

Savannah is growing up so quickly I need
to record all her little milestones.
But there are some I was not quite
prepared for.
Here is my not so little girl, proudly
wearing a Hannah Montana dress given to her
by her most favorite teacher in the whole wide world.
A few more shoe sizes and a few more inches, we
will be the same size.
Of course that is not saying much when your mommy
is just 5 feet tall. But we keep telling the poor girl
she can't have boyfriends till she is as tall
as Aunt Holly. So reaching mommy's height
will be a big deal because she will
just have another foot to grow.

So here is what I was not quite prepared for.
I was just watching an old friends video on her blog
of the celebration of their daughter's second month.
I remember those days when Savannah loved me whole
heartedly and listened to every thing I said.
But then she learned to talk and formed her own opinions.
Here is what she looked like when I picked her up from school this
afternoon. Can you see it around her lips?
Her father bought her makeup saturday and we told her,
she is not allowed to wear it to school, church, or even out of the house.
Well, when I picked her up, I noticed
some on her face. I asked her if she had lipstick
in her bag and her reply was "Yes mommy,
it was accidentally in my bag." So I suppose
it accidentally hopped out of her bag and landed on those
lips and then was hastily wiped off lips when
Mommy's van appeared. I do not
wear makeup or know anything about makeup
so Aunt Holly and Krista (Lynette says
you are the two to go to),
can you please teach your
niece how to wear it appropriately when she finally becomes of age?
It will really help out my sanity.

On a different topic, but while I am here:
Ms. Ruby bit the tar out of her big brother
Ethan. Can you see it? He was sitting where she wanted to be
so she bit him. On the back! At church!
Some of you may have heard him scream before sacrament
Poor little fellow.
They have since made up, but I cannot believe
I am having to deal with such a thing. The
other 4 never bit.


J and C said...

Wow, she really is looking grown up! I am sad we're missing it!

Concerned Citizen said...

this is an alien infestation - KILL IT