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A Very Special Birthday

Sunday was my little Xander's 8th birthday. It is so hard to believe that he is 8. Just yesterday, I was going into the doctors office for a stress test because I was feeling no movement from my little baby. The nurses hooked me up to the fetal monitor and I was in labor with fairly regular contractions. Xander had already engaged and that was why I was feeling no movements. Not only that, I was already dilated at a 6 at the doctors office. They sent me straight to the hospital so that I could be induced. Of course I took my sweet time. I remember going home with Larry and packing my bags. We then dropped Savannah off at Mamaw's house where Aunt Trisha was babysitting. Mamaw was in Baltimore with little Larry at the time. And we picked Aunt Lynette up to drop her off at her swim practice. We literally took it slow because I did not want an epidural (oops) based on my last experience so I thought the more I moved around, the better off I would be. Silly me. We checked into a room at the ho…

A New Year

So Larry & I started the new year with a new church calling and some new goals. I am still a relief society teacher which I quite enjoy till I learn my lesson is just 1 page front and back. Luckily we have a lot of sisters willing to share their thoughts and ideas. Larry is now 2nd counselor in the Branch presidency. He would rather be seminary teacher. Maybe with our next move. We always joke about moves with callings, but I think we are here for a while longer.
Now onto our goals. So Larry & I are trying to become debt free. 2009 was a little unfriendly to us with some unexpected medical expenses with both Savannah & Larry. Usually the 2 are quite healthy children or get sick at entirely different times. Not in 2009. And little Larry's situation unexpectedly involved more hospital visits / stays, medical supplies, and just round trips between Baltimore and Asheville. But hopefully all that is behind us now.
Each year, Larry has to take CPE (continuing education) courses for his CPA…

Remodelaholics giveaway

An old friend of mine is having an awesome giveaway on her website Please go check it out and enter to win. Her husband has sketched numerous drawings and the prize is a sketch of your own.

A Young Man Turns 9

It is so hard to believe that my oldest boy turned 9 on Dec 30th. 9 years! Wow. We began our journey with little Larry at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. My 17 week ultrasound had shown that I was carrying twins in which 1 twin had died just the week before. It was such devastating news. I remember lying there thinking do such things happen. The poor OB cried along with us. He honestly was not sure what the outcome would be for the living twin because it appeared the 2 babies shared a sac. Not only did they share a sac, but it also appeared the 2 might even be conjoined at the abdomen. Of course I went to a specialist who was able to determine the "syndrome." I really HATE that word. But my baby had what is known as OEIS Syndrome. Oomphalocoele, Exstrophy, Imperforate Anus, Spina Bifida. Wow. What is this and do such things really exist? Well, the specialist really only wanted to help us out in 1 way, abortion. He felt this child would never live a normal life. And yet he had never…