Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

So Larry & I started the new year with a new church calling and
some new goals. I am still a relief society teacher
which I quite enjoy till I learn my lesson
is just 1 page front and back.
Luckily we have a lot of sisters
willing to share their thoughts and ideas.
Larry is now 2nd counselor
in the Branch presidency.
He would rather be seminary teacher.
Maybe with our next move.
We always joke about moves with callings,
but I think we are here for a while longer.

Now onto our goals. So Larry & I are
trying to become debt free. 2009 was a little
unfriendly to us with some unexpected medical
expenses with both Savannah & Larry. Usually the 2
are quite healthy children or get sick at entirely different
times. Not in 2009. And little Larry's situation
unexpectedly involved more hospital visits / stays, medical supplies,
and just round trips between Baltimore and Asheville.
But hopefully all that is behind us now.

Each year, Larry has to take CPE (continuing education)
courses for his CPA license. This year he chose:

Obviously the goal here is to get out of debt
and build up that nest egg.
One of the small ways we have started
was to get rid of our cable TV.
I know, for those of you who know me well, I am a TV junkie.
I live off TV. I love TV. I always have, thanks Dad.
I can watch anything just to be watching TV.
Well, on Jan 3rd, we enjoyed our last day of
cable. It was difficult at first. No food network,
no travel channel, no Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs.
But we have been playing with Hulu for the past year.
We have it streaming to our HD television and I can
honestly say it is awesome!
Not only is it free, but Hulu now has where
you can subscribe to your favorite shows and it will
save them for you. It is like my very own free DVR.
Of course some shows aren't found on Hulu, but you
can always go to the network website and watch for free there.
The only problem is we have to wait a day.
But honestly, this is what we already did.
Of course Larry Denzil is going through
some sports withdrawals. Luckily UK is a
ranked team this year and we have
found most of their games on ESPN 360.
But his NFL is out. So is his ultimate fighting shows.
But hey, we still get Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy.
So one of us is very happy.

Some other little things we have begun to do is pay
for our groceries with cash. We have also
frequented Aldi's, Dickie's & GO to make
our grocery budget go further.
We are leaving our credit cards at home except for
our gas card. That way we will no longer have the temptation.

Hopefully by the end of the year, we will have all our
small debts paid off. That will just leave us 1 student loan, a
house mortgage and Larry's car payment.

I will keep you updated on how this goes.


Remodelaholic said...

Marsha, this is so great! Justin and I love to listen to his radio show. I have read half of the book too... I need to get more motivated. We were actually able to pay off all our little debts when we sold our house in Asheville, but we have student loans for 5 years for both of us to pay off.... Yuck!

I am also just waiting for ALdi's to open here, I LOVE that store! IT was supposed to open last fall now it won't be open til June, but at least it is built, so I am pretty sure it will actually happen!

(p.s. We dont have tv either, but almost every individual station has shows i.e. abc, nbc (although nbc is annoying cuz they only have them for a while)


I wanna hear how it goes.

p.s. thanks for putting my button up! It makes me feel so loved!

Deanna said...

Hi There!

Following your blog from MBC follow me club!


D, A, B, Z, and Ak said...

Excellent goal!!! Good luck!!! Last year our stake had us all take a class where that book was given to all. And I got to see him live the year before that - he has a neat story. Even if you slip a little bit - get back to it - it's worth it!!!!