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Apple Festival

OK,  I was too excited to wait on this new post.  We went to the Hendersonville Apple Festival this afternoon.  We have lived here 2 years and this was our first time going.  It was fun.  People had their crafts for sale and of course, lots of apples.  Anyways, center stage, a band was performing old rock n roll music.  We stopped to take a break and enjoy ice cream.  While sitting there, a square dancer asked Larry Denzil to be her partner in the square dancing routine.  Talk about a laugh, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.  Did I forget to mention that the Hurts were in for a visit?

Ok, here is Larry Denzil having a great time square dancing.
I think he has found his true calling.
Here is little Larry relaxing during the bands gig. Here is Larry Denzil and the little old lady who asked him to be her partner.  Poor thing, I do not think she read the back of his shirt.  He had the number  7 and at the top it said Baby Maker.  This was his work soft ball shirt. He is actually enjoying himself…

Watermelon Days

I had to take some pictures and brag a little.  The kids are eating a  watermelon that came from our garden.  We were amazed to  get so much wonderful fruit when we are in a drought.

Larry is trying to make his melon, his smile.
I guess the best part about a watermelon is the seeds.   Here are some of my kids spitting into my flower beds. Here is Ruby enjoying such a sweet treat.
Here is one of 4 watermelons from our garden. The one the kids are eating is about a third the size of this one.   It was tiny, but just enough for the kids to enjoy.

One Last Summer Hurrah

Well, our saturday got off to a rocky start, but in the end, I think we all enjoyed ourselves.  We started the morning off by running a few quick errands.  On our way home, we stopped at the local Krispy Kreme and went to Carrier Park for breakfast.  While at the park, Larry and the kids did a little exploring and I found this neat tree.  Each kid was super excited to climb up and have their picture taken.  Xander was the first.  He had absolutely no fear and climbed up fairly high.  He was much higher than any other child.

This is my favorite picture of little Larry.  He just looks like such a man here.  He is really good at posing for shots too.  Can you tell I take hundreds of pictures of the kids because they instinctively know just how to pose.

We placed Ruby and Ethan up in the tree.  Both of them wanted down as soon as they were up. Ethan said he was too high.

Here is my beautiful Savannah.  She is growing so fast.

Ruby loved the tree once Daddy was in it with her. As a matter of fact,…