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One Last Summer Hurrah

Well, our saturday got off to a rocky start, but in the end, I think we all enjoyed ourselves.  We started the morning off by running a few quick errands.  On our way home, we stopped at the local Krispy Kreme and went to Carrier Park for breakfast.  While at the park, Larry and the kids did a little exploring and I found this neat tree.  Each kid was super excited to climb up and have their picture taken.  Xander was the first.  He had absolutely no fear and climbed up fairly high.  He was much higher than any other child.

This is my favorite picture of little Larry.  He just looks like such
a man here.  He is really good at posing for shots too.  Can you tell I take hundreds
of pictures of the kids because they instinctively know just how to pose.

We placed Ruby and Ethan up in the tree.  Both of them wanted down as soon as they were up.
Ethan said he was too high.

Here is my beautiful Savannah.  She is growing so fast.

Ruby loved the tree once Daddy was in it with her.
As a matter of fact, she thought she could walk up further.

Here are my monkeys all in the tree.  I love the picture of my 
three boys.

Much later in the afternoon and after some much needed naps, we headed off to the pool.  The water was cold, but the kids loved it.  We brought our boogie boards this time and they were entertained for nearly 2 hours.

Here are the 2 babies of the family, Ruby & Ethan.  Larry Denzil was pulling
them all over the pool.

This is one of many races we had.  Here, Larry Denzil is racing Savannah & 
Xander.  Savannah is trying to cheat by riding on Larry Denzil's back.

Off she goes and into the water.  She is laughing all the way.

Here is Ethan Andrew.  The water was too cold for him, so he lived on this board.  

Here is a blurry picture of the 2 youngest being carried.  They didn't want to be in the water,
but they wanted to be in the pool.

Here is my little Ruby Isabella.  She was being such the princess on these boards.

Here is the start of one of our many races.

Xander technically won every race.  He was leaps and bounds ahead of the other 2.  
Savannah and Larry were constantly using the wall to kick off of or they received aid from their Daddy to catch up with Xander.  Xander is a natural swimmer.  He has 
no fear.

Such a good shot of Larry.
Here is my happy Ethan.

Here is Ruby Isabella posing for mommy.
Here are my two boys who were almost Irish twins.  
  They are always together.  We hope they will always
be best friends like Aunt JoJuan and Krista.

And here is beautiful Savannah.  She had a rough summer, but she is doing fine now.


OK...between the music and the pictures you almost made me cry. Logically I realize that there will be another summer but you make it hard to say good-bye to this one. Plus I am super emotional about Connor starting school. I am a wimp. Very beautiful happy children....Lucky family!
Lynette News said…
Ditto to whay krista said about sure look they have wonderful childhoods. Makes me want to watch good movies about childhood thru their eyes.
bow mom said…
How fun our first day of school is tomorrow. Rissa starts K next year and it's already making me sad!

Yes, summer is coming to a close and fond memories were made!
Holly and Dan said…
I love your new blog format. So cool!

I'm glad Savannah is doing better. We've been so worried. Great pictures of the kids! I can't believe our "babies" are getting so big!

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