Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watermelon Days

I had to take some pictures and brag a little.  The kids are eating a 
watermelon that came from our garden.  We were amazed to 
get so much wonderful fruit when we are in a drought.

Larry is trying to make his melon, his smile.

I guess the best part about a watermelon is the seeds.  
Here are some of my kids spitting into my flower beds.
Here is Ruby enjoying such a sweet treat.

Here is one of 4 watermelons from our garden.
The one the kids are eating is about a third the size of this one.  
It was tiny, but just enough for the kids to enjoy.


Saumsiegle Family said...

Ruby is so pretty! It was hard to beat the looks of your watermelon but somehow she managed to outshine it. Oh and your kids can really spit! A useful talent in the South. Spitting and football!!

Holly and Dan said...

Man, I'm jealous. I love watermelon. I remember us all eating it when we were little and Dad sternly telling us,"You'd better not pee the bed tonight." It made me so paranoid!

JoJuan said...

I just remember Dad telling you guys not to swallow the seeds or you'd grow a watermelon in your belly. Bryce looked at this site and said, Hey my best friends! Who are they? I guess he wants to be their best friends. The watermelon looks amazing. We got some canteloupe this year, but haven't tried watermelon. Maybe next year.