Monday, July 27, 2009

A Very Barker Reunion

Before the reunion, Ruby and I had a little fun
taking some pictures at Mamaw's house.
She is always good for a pose or two.
Cousins. This may become a tradition for Krista
and I. Here are our two little girls who are just a
few weeks apart. Every time we get together,
we take a picture of the two beauties.
I really need a wide angle lens for this huge family!
Here are most of the "little" cousins.
Here are most of the cousins.
Here is an awkward shot of the Barkers with their
Here are the Barkers. What a family!
For a funny story about Ivan and Elwood,
check out this article that was in yahoo news
6 months ago. They got a big kick out of it and then
yelled at their sisters for giving them those names.
Steve and Elwood corralling the kids
for a north vs. south water fight.

This is one of my favorite pictures.
Noah and this other little fellow were just
mesmerized by all these little water balloons.
Noah kept picking them up and dropping
them back in the tub for a fun bounce.
Both boys just giggled all the while.
My Ethan resting on a rock. This water was ice cold
coming out of the caves. Brrrrr. I do not know how
these kids walked around in it.
My little Ruby perched on a rock for a quick pose.
Noah lived in this corner of the creek.
Sisters filling up their water guns.
Kaya testing the water.
Xander locked and loaded.
Larry having a bit of fun.
Brysha's little boy Jacob. He is absolutely
adorable. And that is Allyston sitting
with him. I should have had her turn around. She is
absolutely beautiful.

My 2 bozos walking along a trail just above the creek.
It is so hard to take a good picture of your kids
when Elwood is standing behind you commenting
how everything is a "Barker" trait.

I just thought this picture was fun.
I didn't ask them to make funny faces,
that is all them.

I am so glad we got to attend this years Barker's
reunion. We sure miss the family
get togethers and no one has a
party like the Barkers.


blushing rose said...

... and fun was had by all. TTFN ~Marydon

MRNMSA said...

I love these pictures! The two at the bottom with your kids on the bridge are adorable!!! Great pictue for framing!

bow mom said...

How fun. I want to come stay and play with u for a summer.