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Beach Blanket Bingo

Last week we packed our bags and headed for Hilton Head Island.
We had never been there before and heard rave reviews from
quite a few friends.  Being just 5 hours from our house, how could we not look
into it.
Such a love affair between father and daughter.
These two absolutely adore one another.
My fearless Ethan.  He scared me too death because
he was always out far from the beach and alone.
He had absolutely no fear and was a pro on
that little boogie board.
Funny story, on our first day there, 
Ethan had gotten out a little far and was alone
so Larry Denzil went out to join him.
Behind Ethan, Larry saw a fin peer up out of the water 
in reaching distance and pulled Ethan to him.
When he turned toward the shore, it
was just a dolphin.  Whew!  
I absolutely love this picture.  Ethan just sat in the shallow
pool of water and did what looked like
synchronized swimming.

Xander and Larry both boogie boardin' fools.
Larry tried to hit dad up for a surf board.
What was he thinking?  I can tell teen years with him may
involve surf boards and skate boards.  He is just
fascinated by them.

My three sons Christian (Xander no longer wants to go
by Xander but I am sure that rule does not include Mommy's),
Ethan, and Larry.  The sun was so glaring.
There was white shells on the ground and the hot sun reflected
that up right in our eyes.  Look at poor Larry's
strained smile.  It was so painful.
A small glimpse of hilton Head's light house.
I had the wrong lens and could not back up without falling in water.
So I snapped what I could.
A view from the top.  It was absolutely beautiful.
We found a nice shady park near the light house.
This was such a nice surprise after the humidity and bright
sun light.

Just outside of Tybee Island's lighthouse.

In front of the Tybee Island light house.
Savannah had high hopes of seeing Miley Cyrus
while we were in Tybee Island.  No such luck though.

A little souvenir.  Xander found 2 little frogs.
Being who we are with 5 children, we had our
 little pet tank in the car perfect for such a critter.

Ruby rocking away at the Tybee Island
Savannah in front of the dresser in the lighthouse
keeper's home.  All the furnishings were original
to the home and donated by the keeper's family.
Such beautiful antiques.

Savannah finally got to go to Savannah.  She was
thrilled to death to see her name everywhere!
We bought her a t shirt and ball cap with the names.
The boys wanted their own so Larry told them
if they can find their name on a shirt, he would buy it.
Fort Pulaski.  This place was fabulous.  If you like civil war history
or just history, this is the place to visit.  It was absolutely beautiful
and you really got a feel for how things once were.

The musket shooter.  He was such a friendly
 young man welcoming pictures.
Xander being thrown in the moat.
Here is our beach.  We got there first thing in the morning
each day.  It never really got too crowded which was
nice.  And for those with small children, this was absolutely
wonderful because the surf never got too rough or high or loud.
A shot of our condos.  We rented at the Sea Side Villas.
It was alright.
It has a private beach entrance which was
wonderful and it wasn't too expensive.
Our family of 7 was just too cramped in a 1 bedroom.
The Roberts kids.  Savannah is not smiling because
this mommy moment was sheer torture.
She wanted to be in the water, not taking a 
family group shot.  UGH!
I just thought this lone crane was beautiful.

The Roberts' sand castle.  They all built this the last 
morning we were there in Hilton Head.  Check out
that draw bridge and everything.
Here are Larry's little "army men."  He built them
out of sand and was just so proud of his hard work.

Ruby was becoming a mermaid in the sand.

My 2 Larrys hard at work.
Savannah is built like a Roberts but tans like a
Priest.  She too lived in the water and was perfectly
content playing the waves.  She made me quite nervous
being out in the deep waters far from the shore.
She reminds me so much of Aunt Lynette.  Is that
a good thing or a bad thing?
Below is a picture of her floating.  She taught herself
in just a short period of time and absolutely loved doing it.
I absolutely love these two.

My beautiful Bella could live in the water.
Maybe we should have named her Ariel.
Here are the boys crab hunting.
When we got to the beach that last day,
a young man found 2 large hermit crabs about the size
of a large navel orange.  Xander was so determined
to find one he spent most of this last day hunting
the waters and the sand dunes.

We miss vacationing with the "whole family",
but people are having babies and live up north or out west.
Maybe next year the kids will be able to visit
with some cousins.
I hope everyone has a safe and adventurous
family vacation.  And for you mommy's out there, may
you get lots of rest like I did.  Larry snapped
this one of me doing what I did everyday.
Read!  I finally got to read Twilight and New Moon.


Destinee said…
It seriously sounds like you guys had such a great time!! What fun memories. That picture (2 down from 1st lighthouse) with Ruby's little dress blowing up made me laugh right out loud.
So Xander is now Christian? That is going to take some getting used to.
Such darling kiddos!
Lynette News said…
Very good thing!! Trust me, I should know.
The kids are adorable...of course. But I have to say...what amazing pictures Marsha and Larry! (I don't really know who took them all..) They were really well done and so fun to look at. It made me wish I was there!
Looks like fun!!! I don't know if I can let B look at them - she wants to go to a beach!!!

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