Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Savannah's 9th & Our Family Garden

Whay a busy weekend we had here! First off, I wanted to congratulate Benny and Hope on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Ava. She is gorgeous. You can check out her pictures and their family news on their website listed in my Family & Friends Section.

Friday night, we borrowed a trailer from the Jones family and ran off to the Skroski family to borrow their tiller. That was our planned date night before the rain on Saturday. Fun, huh!? Well, Larry Denzil tilled till it got too dark. He at least finished the strawberry patch section. On Saturday morning, we were suppose to have thunderstorms, but did not. We had a wimpy sprinkling. So Larry Denzil was able to till quite a bit. He did over half our garden. His entire body was sore especially his back. He tilled some more Monday night and is still not done after 3 days of tilling. He is quite thorough and our garden plot is quite big. Not to mention, we spend more time tossing out rocks. So far, we have planted strawberries, onions, and peppers. Our tomatoes come in this afternoon and I am sure I will be out there planting away. We also have a cantaloupe plant, a water melon plant and some pumpkin and corn seeds to plant some time this

Later Saturday evening, we decided to go to Lonestar Steakhouse to celebrate Savannah's 9th birthday. Kids eat free Saturday's so we took advantage of that. And Savannah loved it. She loves eating out and especially loves drinking root beer. Both her wishes were granted.

Sunday was Savannah's official birthday. We had cake and ice cream and Savannah wanted to invite the John's over. Sister John's and Rachel are two of Savannah's most favorite people at church. Sister John's used to be Savannah's primary teacher and Rachel is our regular baby sitter. I think Ethan John's enjoyed himself too. He is Savannah's age and just had a grand time playing with all our kids. Savannah's real gift, a keyboard, had not gotten here yet, but she enjoyed her other smaller gifts. She got a dance mat, some jewelry, a Himalayan Cat Webkin, clothes and money. The dance mat was a huge hit here. Everyone was dancing on it. The way Savannah was moving, I would say it was a great workout too.

Savannah also shared her birthday last Thursday at our Brownie Troop meeting. I made some Daisy cup cake cones to celebrate Earth Day. I had to take a picture of them because I had worked so hard on them.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful and productive week like us.