Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Spring

What a busy spring we have had thus far. We traveled over to Ashland, KY 2 weeks ago. We had some paper work to do and we opened up savings accounts for the kids over at the credit union. Our kids enjoyed spending quality time with their Papaw and with Uncle Ben & Trisha. I think it was the first time my kids have ever seen Papaw cook. He made them bacon and eggs one morning and pancakes and sausage the next. It was quite a sight. I would have taken pictures for posterity, but Larry Denzil had my camera. And even though Papaw made pancakes, Xander sure did miss Mamaws pancakes.

We visited with the Hurts a great deal. We were able to share in their good news that Jason is moving back home. Emalene and Denzil, look out because you have an overjoyed Granny waiting to get her hands on you. Ruby has taken a huge liking to 2 things in the Hurt household, Lincoln and Sammy Jo. I never got any of her with Lincoln, but here are some of her with Sammy Jo.

Every time Sammy would wag her tail, Ruby would just laugh and giggle. And Ruby would pull on her tail trying to get her to wag it more. Poor Sammy Jo could not get up so she had to suffer through Ruby's abuse.

Larry Denzil is going out of town for his birthday so we celebrated it early. I got him a playstation 3 along with some blu ray movies. It looks really nice. We haven't tried a game on it yet.

I finally cut Ethan's hair last week. It was a very hard thing to do. Larry Denzil has always wanted to cut Ethan's hair, but I loved his little curls. And I realized the longer it was getting, the curly some sections were. I guess I can grow it out again, but Ethan loves all the attention he is getting with it being short. Here are some before and after pictures. I think it aged him 3 years.

Ruby is a very popular little baby doll in our house. The boys dressed her up in Savannah's old bathing suit. Ruby is also a cuddle bug and loves pictures. Here she is lying on top of Ethan. This is a very common occurence in our house. You never know

who Ruby will attach herself to.

This weekend, we hope to get our garden started. I will make sure to take some pictures of the kids working hard in the yard.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the blog.


Holly said...

Oh, Ethan's beautiful hair! I guess it had to be done but I sure am sad about it. It was gorgeous! I don't know how you did it. I about cried when we buzzed Carter's hair and he barely had any!