Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Beautiful Fall Afternoon

This is a little spot in Black Mountain we found last winter.
It is hard to believe that we live around such beauty.
Here is the gang enjoying a wonderful fall
afternoon.  It is hard to believe that it is already November.

Here is Xander wanting to find fish.
No such luck.

Here is Ethan debating on jumping off
to make a splash.

Here is Ruby doing her Hannah Montana moves.

Ruby was so entertained by all the rustling leaves
and the babbling brook.  We are so blessed to 
live in such beautiful country.

Here is my Savannah having a good time.

Larry and Xander the true dynamic duo.

My 3 boys.  Never thought I would be so blessed.

Here is Larry contemplating his surroundings.
He has always been such a thought provoking child.

Xander wanting the last pose.

My 2 boys.  If these 2 are quiet, you're in trouble!

Ethan will be starting Kindergarten next fall.
I can't believe he is already at that age.
One last picture of the gang.
From our back yard to yours, we hope everyone
has a wonderfully delightful Fall.


In the Middle of it All said...

I love the picture of Ruby but I can't believe how old she looks! It's crazy really. And the dynamic duo-I can relate....PS. Ethan looks like a Native American sitting there on the rock, calling on mother earth. He is so handsome!

Holly and Dan said...

So beautiful! What a gorgeous backdrop.

kohm said...

These pictures are beautiful!!