Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Merry Christmas

Last night we ventured out and had the kids Christmas pictures taken.  Seems early, but next week Larry will be in Baltimore and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here.  So I used the kids day off from school to torture them with family photos.

Thankfully this was the first of many pictures our photographer took.
Ruby was actually real cooperative until that flash went off.

Here is Ruby leaving the scene.  She just would not sit
for pictures after that flash scared her in the first few.

What did I tell you?  No Ruby in sight.
Can you see the blank spot where she should be.

Here are some fun shots of the boys.
Xander has grown quite a bit taller than Larry
so he had to be on the bottom for everything.
Poor Larry in the photo below.  He was beet red
because Ethan jumped right on top of him.
That is why we settled on a different tone.

My girls were trying to do the same pose.
Ruby actually loved this, but she would not
let Savannah look up.  She was such an
evil child last night.

Once we got rid of the other children, Ruby 
enjoyed her pictures quite a bit.  She loved seeing
herself on the screen and sitting alone on the
back drop.

Here is my little Ethan.  He fell and skinned his
nose last friday after trick or treating.
No family photo would be perfect without a 
facial blemish or two.

Here is the beautiful Bella.
Hard to believe this child would
not pose with the group!
She is such a prima-donna.

This is my favorite picture of her.
Don't you just love my $12 find.
I got it at Ross.

I hope everyone else has much more successful attempts at the family Christmas photos.


JoJuan said...

It's funny, but almost always the first picture ends up being the best. You're making me feel panicked about not being ready for Christmas. So much to do!!

Holly and Dan said...

So cute! I love how Larry and Xander often have similar facial expressions going on.

I dread taking holiday photos. Neither of my boys will sit still. It's torture.

In the Middle of it All said...

Great pictures...I like your new website. Here are my favorite pictures: the first and the black and white of all three boys. Those were definite keepers! I would like to say that I am not stressed at all over Christmas pictures this year but really, what a lie. I always do this to myself, Brian and the kids every year. First snow...the kids are rushed out for the Christmas card shot. Sigh....I can't help it. Also, funny enough I am sitting here listening to Barney's Christmas special. I thought I avoided that purple dinasour but then I had Kaya and she LOVES him.

kohm said...

Great pictures! I am really impressed with how on the ball you are with Christmas pictures! I hope you know that you are truly an amazing mother. Your children are blessed to have you. The blog is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Gorgeous photos! We want to do Christmas pics early this year too, but i'm trying to find a place that will allow our dog to be in too! lol

bow mom said...

no Fair I wanted to be the first one done this year but, I've spent 3 days in bed so now I'm a week behind! Don't ask! I even had to cancel out of my show this week. Heath is a beautiful thing!

Stacy L DeRossett said...


Hey it's Stacy, Larry's old KG&Co pal. I got Kristi's email that she forwarded with you blog website. I can't believe how much the kids have grown!!! You have such a beautiful family! They look like they have such a blast. You guys are definitely blessed. I just wanted to say hey and you guys have a great Turkey day as well as Christmas!!! :-) Tell Larry to say hello every once in a while. I'm on myspace if you ever get on there at all.