Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4 Years & Counting

On February 17 2006, we officially moved into our current home.
This has been the longest Larry & I have lived anywhere
as a family. A lot of memories and milestones have
happened in this beautiful place. I want to share
just a few of them.

Here we are making a house a home.
Our house literally had 0 landscaping so
that was the first thing we did.
We bought a few bushes from Lowes
& of course raided grandma's yard for any
plants that she might have to share.
Look at how young they all are.
Wow time sure does fly by.

By far the most important occurrence in this home,
the birth of a new baby.
Ruby Isabella was born September 26, 2006.

Just another picture of her on Columbus Day.

We've had the loss of a first tooth in this home.

Xander actually forced his tooth out just to keep
up with Savannah and Larry.

We've had the first day of school milestone for my 3
boys here.

We've had a baby blessing here.
My other 4 kids were all blessed in KY.
Ruby is a very special little girl.

We've had the kindergarten graduation experience with both
Larry & Xander.
I really look forward to Ethan's in June.

We have had the Jenkins Party experience.
Seriously, this lady knows how to throw a kids party.
My kids absolutely love her pinatas and party
favors galore.

The Father son camp out is one of the most looked
forward to tradition here. The boys look forward to it
because they get to eat, sleep, & pee in the great
outdoors. We girls look forward to it because we
get rid of the boys & enjoy a girly evening together.

Festivals galore. Above is our family
attending the sourwood festival for the first time.
This is by far my favorite festival. Wonderful crafts,
wonderful food, great atmosphere, and did I mention
the yummy sourwood honey?

The Christmas festival is fun for the kids.
Just come prepared with a bag to collect
all the goodies thrown your way.
Our first year, we had no clue. Luckily, Ethan had
a toboggan on and whipped it off to load up on candy.

Scouting has been one of the greatest things
we have done with our kids.
Xander at Yorktown.

The boys after winning 2nd & 3rd overall
in their first pinewood derby.

Savannah & I both did Brownies together.
Such a wonderful group of girls and just
a fabulous community.

Savannah meeting Ms. North Carolina
at Girl Scout Day with the Asheville Tourists.

We built our first fort.

We survived our first knee deep
snow blizzard
of 20o9.

We had a taste of T-ball.
The boys all really enjoyed it.

We got to be a part of the Asheville Central
The kids really had no clue what this meant,
but they sure did enjoy digging in the dirt.

And last but not least, we have had 3 baptisms thus far.
Savannah was baptized April 21, 2007.
Larry was baptized Jan 10, 2009.
And to be different & special,
Xander was baptized on his actual
birthday, Jan 17, 2010.

I hope you enjoyed sharing some memories &
milestones with me. Hopefully we will
keep on making a big splash no matter where we are.


Destinee said...

That was so fun to see all the pictures! It's crazy how much your kids have grown!
That part about Xander forcing a tooth out really made my mouth hurt!
Such beautiful kiddos!

Destinee said...
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