Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coloring in the Lines & Customer Service Please

This week has been such an interesting
week for me. The kids had a gorgeous snow day
monday followed by two 2 hour delays.
This winter has really been quite a sight.
We've had around 8 snow days or more.
Three of our spring break days are gone
along with Memorial day & 1 saturday in March.

On wednesday, Ruby was feeling under the weather
and had been so for 2 days so I reluctantly took
her to the pediatricians. Beforehand, we decided
to hit Walmart because it was on my way and I really
wanted to get some clearanced Valentine cards
for next year. When you have 4 school aged kids requiring
20+ cards a piece, you tend to think of these things.

Of course when you are at walmart, you tend to purchase
more than what you originally thought of.
All things that you need of course.
Ruby and I get in a line and wait nearly 10 minutes till
it is finally our turn. When I get to the cashier, I notice her look
of disgust and look around and realize I am in a 20 items or less
lane. Not a bright move on my part apparently.
The cashier looks at me and my cart and angrily asks "Do
you have 20 items or less?" Like a turtle, I shrink into my shell
and apologize for not noticing the sign and offer to get
in another lane even though I do not feel I am too much over
the 20 item limit. She remarks that she will take me
just this time, but I need to realize that it is a 20
items or less lane and not get in it next time with so many
items in my cart. Again I apologize and thank her for not
embarrassing me any further.
So as I am placing my things on the conveyor belt,
she exclaims that I need to quickly get my items as she bags them because
her lane does not have room on the lazy susan there.
I immediately say yes mam and move as quickly as possible.
Keep in mind, I have Ruby with me who is not feeling well so
I am having to comfort her while trying to please this cashier.
Once I pay for my items, the cashier shows me my receipt and
snidely remarks "See there, you had 31 items & this is a
20 items or less lane."
For the 3rd time, I apologize and walk off feeling lower than low.
As Ruby and I tread off, I overhear the cashier telling the line of customers behind me
how she wishes people could count and read the sign.
Ouch! Never had I felt so bad after leaving a store.
I was in near tears and am not a cryer. But this lady was just
beyond mean. She was hurtful when she did not need to be.
I have had a number of retail jobs and have worked as a cashier at Kroger's.
I've had customers wheeling up 50 items into my 10 items or less
line. But I never tore them down. I kindly rung up their
groceries and let it be. Occasionally I might have
told them it was an express lane, but I could still take them.

Well, when I returned home, I was still quite shaken up and
emotional that I emailed walmart on their website.
I seriously did not think anything would come of it, but I
just needed to get the hurt off my chest.
I am glad to say that on friday I received a phone
call from a supervisor at
the store I shop at. She had read my email and was
in complete shock for the way that I had been
treated. She was extremely apologetic. Of course she was not
the individual who acted so cold
towards her customers, but it still felt good
knowing that someone there cared. And it felt really
good to see that they do read the customer remarks
and on occasion contact them.
Kudos to her on a job well done.

Now onto my sick baby. It turned out
Ruby just had a sinus infection causing her slight
fever and cough.
While we were waiting to see the doc,
Nurse Susie gave us a couple of coloring sheets.
I always knew Ruby loved to color, but I honestly had no idea
she could color so well for a 3 year old.
She meticulously colored in the lines.
The above picture is of her showing me
where her picture was ruined because she
accidentally went out of the lines.