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Little Larry's Trip to DC With His Dad

Many of you know little Larry had to have rather
emergent surgery a few weeks ago.
Nearly 1 month ago, the school called me telling me
Larry was in tears and doubled over in pain in the office.
I shrugged it off as spasms but took him home anyways.
Then, that weekend I noticed Larry's behavior was off.
He was sitting alone and not playing or running around.
When I asked him why, he complained of his backside hurting.
So that monday, I pulled him out of school and took him to the
pediatrician. Even though Dr. Hamel did not have Larry
or Savannah from birth, she has always treated them as high
priority knowing their medical backgrounds. She got him
into the ultrasound and imaging place where they scanned
his kidneys and bladder. I knew something was wrong when
it took an hour to scan and the tech made Larry pee even
though he had already used the restroom at the pediatricians less than
an hour before.
So after the scan was done, the pediatrician called me
at the imaging office and gave me the grim news.
Larry appeared to have blockage in his ureter causing his kidney to be full
which in turn was giving him a great deal of pain
and discomfort.
Because of his cloacal exstrophy, we knew a trip to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore
was in our future. Dr. Gearheart, the renowned surgeon
for exstrophy, has done
all of Larry's surgeries and knows Larry's anatomy.
We thank JoJuan for finding him for us all those years ago.
What a true blessing.

Larry in front of the DC Temple.

So here is my little man's back. I know a lot of family
and friends have been interested in knowing exactly what procedure was done.
Larry had a nephrostomy. That is where they place a small
gauge catheter into your blocked kidney to allow it to drain.
He has had this in place since September 30th.
Tomorrow, they will clean out his ureter and remove his bladder
stone. Honesty I am not sure what to expect. Nearly
6 years ago, Larry had a bladder stone removed
and it was a rather invasive surgery. I remember
his bladder needed time to heal so he came home with
2 nephrostomies and a suprapubic tube. He was
about 3 years of age and had to be on bed rest for a month.
Luckily he was at home.
I will be sure to keep everyone up to date
with his recovery. Thank you all for the love and support you
have given us all these years.
Apparently this is a very brief bit of video little
Larry took of his crazy dad.


Bless your hearts!!! You and Larry are amazing parents! I mean we all have to deal with what we are given - but you two amaze me!!! I'm lucky to know you. And your kids are lucky to have you.

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